Harry Potter Roller Skate Night

Cloaks and the Hokey-Pokey? It's a quirky combo, at Moonlight Rollerway.

Whether or not there exists a magical version of the "Hokey Pokey," that longtime classic of skating rinks across America, may be up for debate among Muggles.

But there's no debating what will happen at Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale on Saturday, April 8: Book-lovin' bevies of "Harry Potter" mavens will lace up the roller skates at an ensorcelled skate soiree.

It's quirky, it's offbeat, but don't count on the old-school "Hokey Pokey" to be played during the sorceror-filled celebration (music from the "Harry Potter" movies will serve as the soundtrack, as well as "wizard rock").

And though it is unusual, it isn't all that odd, if we consider the fact that J.K. Rowling's stratospherically super-popular series, and the films that followed, are filled with festivities and parties of all stripes, polka dots, feathers, and manners of magic.

You won't be required to cast any spells during sixth annual Harry Potter Roller Skating Night. You'll simply need to show up, pay fifteen bucks (skate rental is included), and enjoy the enchanted goings-on, from the bewitching tunes played for people in the rink to the costume contest to the raffle to what's for sale at the snack bar.

Hint: It starts with butter and ends with beer.

The mirthful, good-time-having sorcerors will also be of the all-ages variety, meaning that if the tots in your household are Harry-mad, they can costume-up alongside you and join the whimsical high jinks.

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Fun that's overseen, by the by, The Los Angeles Dumbledore's Army, "the second largest Harry Potter fan group in the world." You can bet this gleeful group likes their wizardly larks, so keep tabs on their magical, give-back bashes if you want to join in.

And while you won't need your wand to become further immersed in all of this enchantment, do consider bringing a book for donation to the charity book drive. A sweet bonus? If you donate a few used tomes when you enter the party, "you get an additional raffle ticket."

Now that's downright magical, from the good-of-heart effort on your part to the extra raffle ticket.

All of the book-donating, spell-casting, and shaking off your stuff out on the rink rolls from 8 to 11 o'clock on April 8.

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