HauntX Halloween Expo Will Fright-up Our February

Yard haunters of SoCal will gather in Pomona to find inspo for their freaky fall decorations.


What to Know

  • The Fairplex in Pomona
  • Feb. 22 and 23, 2020
  • $20 and up, depending upon day and add-ons

The foam tombstones that occupied your front lawn for most of October?

They're surely somewhere at the back of your storage room right now, behind boxes of ornaments and the clutter clean-up project that you always seem to be starting and stopping.

But soon?

You'll be reaching for those tombstones again, and the plastic skeletons, and the jack o'lantern lights, too, for Halloween has a way of returning to spooky Southern California while the summer sun is high and hot.

To help those who love to decorate their yards in dastardly fashion, there are a few top-notch terror cons, the sort of Halloween-prep parties that give home haunters a leg up on planning for what they'll try next.

And if it is a skeleton's leg? So much the better. (Cue evil laughter.)

HauntX is one of the earliest annual entries on the calendar o' home haunting, and it will shudder and screech at The Fairplex in Pomona on Feb. 22 and 23.

No costume is required on your part, just a curiosity about what is new in the chilling and thrilling world of delighting and/or scaring those people who pass by your yard.

Novice haunters, all the way up to pros who are experienced at the eerie arts, will call upon the convention, which features a host of panels by some of the best-known haunters in our region.

That means you can pick up a load of tips, and learn a host of don't-try-thises, all while hobnobbing with other Halloween fans.

Dozens of eeky exhibitors will also be on the ghoulish grounds, and DIY delights, er, frights will flower like a faded flower in a cemetery (to draw from the imagery that inspires many a home haunter).

But wait. Say you do want to wear a costume, a get-up that rocked last Halloween for you? There's an Asylum Costume Party, and some of the ticket options give you entry into HauntX as well as the costumed affair.

For all of your terrifying ticket choices, float like a phantom in a cobweb-filled attic now to this scream-dream of a site.

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