Head Up, Up, Up 1,664 Steps in the KD Stair Climb

Need to get those steps in and help community programs of the YMCA? You can.

What to Know

  • Friday, Sept. 28
  • US Bank Tower
  • 25th Anniversary

Telling a coworker that you need to go get your steps in for the day?

This might be an occurrence that happens each morning, before your break, if you check your tracker or counter and find you've still got a ways to go to hit your daily goal.

Telling someone that you need to get your steps in on Friday, Sept. 28? While standing outside the US Bank Tower in downtown Los Angeles?

Chances are as high as a skyscraper is tall that you're participating in the annual KD Stair Climb for Los Angeles, an on-the-move fundraiser that helps support the community programs of the Ketchum-Downtown YMCA.

But the steps being pursued on Sept. 28 won't be of the strolling-down-the-sidewalk assortment; participants will be heading up, up, up, up the stairs of the 73-story building, and several more "ups" after those, if you count each step as an individual "up."

For the total number of ups, er, steps, in all? Prepare to ascend 1,664 steps as you move skyward inside "the tallest stairwell west of the Mississippi."

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A handful of participants have made the stair-packed journey in just under or a bit over ten minutes in recent years.

In a word? Wowza.

If you do join the 25th anniversary of this popular stair climb, there is same-day registration, so read all.

And, of course, you should go at the pace that suits you and is safe. And, of course, you'll want to take the elevator back down once you're done, and not the stairs, which all stair-climbers are invited to do.

And, of course, think about making time to join the Block Party that'll be happening down at street level, where all the steps you take in the direction of the food trucks and beer garden will mostly be of the flat variety.

All of the give-back, step-awesome, DTLA-fun details? Tie the laces of your go-to workout shoes and take a step in this direction.

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