Heart-Shaped Pizzas Make a Mother's Day Return

Both CPK and Fresh Brothers are offering adorable dough-based eats, just in time for the holiday.

What to Know

  • Available at CPK from May 9-12
  • Available at Fresh Brothers May 11-12
  • Mother's Day 2019 is on May 12

If you could whip up pancake batter as a tot, and not manage to get eggshells everywhere (you probably still did), and you didn't spill syrup all over the kitchen floor (but that surely happened, we'll guess), chances are good you made your mommy a heart-shaped pancake at some point.

Because that's rather easy to do with goopy batter and a buttered-up skillet, if you know where to put the pointy part (at the bottom) and the curves (at the top). 

But making a pizza in the shape of a heart? One with toppings?

That can prove to be a little trickier, and perhaps an effort best left to the pizza-making pros.

Both California Pizza Kitchen and Fresh Brothers qualify on that front, and both spots'll be offering customers the chance to order a heart-shaped pizza, in honor of Mother's Day, in 2019.

A nice thing? Mother's Day is starting early at both restaurant chains, with CPK's heart-shaped pizza event kicking off on May 9, and Fresh Brothers beginning its heart-cute run on May 11.

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Mother's Day 2019 is on Sunday, May 12, and both chains will be making pizzas that day.

A few things to note? Any California Pizza Kitchen pizza may be made into a heart shape, including the classic Original BBQ Chicken Pizza, "on special heart-shaped crispy thin crust at no additional charge."

CPK will also be holding a March of Dimes fundraiser on May 9, to honor moms and their babies. Be sure to mention the fundraiser to your server if you're dining on that day, and 20% of your bill will be donated, save any alcohol purchases.

And if you're at a Fresh Brothers over Mother's Day Weekend? Score a heart-shaped pizza (it's a large), plus a "holiday-themed pizza cutter JUST for mom," for $16.50.

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