Here's How to Get an Order of Free Spicy Chicken McNuggets

The McDonald's favorite, first introduced in 1983, is back for a limited time beginning on Feb. 1.


What to Know

  • The limited-time item returns on Feb. 1, 2021
  • Use the code SPICY from Feb. 2-6 when spending $20 or more at McDonald's via DoorDash and receive a free six-piece Spicy Chicken McNuggets
  • Mighty Hot Sauce is back, too

It's right about now, or even a little before now, when ardent fans of the Shamrock Shake begin buzzing about their favorite frosty beverage, a thick and minty celebration of the holiday that happens on March 17.

But the famous McDonald's-created goodie?

It arrives well before St. Patrick's Day each year, giving sweet-seeking shake sippers something to anticipate.

Sometimes, though? The iconic fast food company will surprise people with the sudeen return of another limited-time offering, the kind of menu item that pops up just when the time and the temperature feels right.

And a foodstuff that's on the fiery side? Or, rather, a foodstuff that has a flavor that's known for being a tad piquant?

That reintroduction feels perfectly matched to the middle of winter, when colder days are blowing through.

Enter the Spicy Chicken McNugget, and its caliente companion, Mighty Hot Sauce, which are both returning, for a short while, to the McDonald's menu.

That begins on Feb. 1, which is a Monday in 2021, which is really the day of the week when our snacking propensities are more keenly felt.

Hardly anyone would argue with that hypothesis, we're quite sure.

And here's a nice freebie to the hotter McNugget's return: If you order McDonald's through DoorDash, and you spend $20 or more, and you do so from Feb. 2-6, you'll also receive a complimentary six-piece Spicy McNuggets.

The code you'll need? It's SPICY.

If you know your Spicy Chicken McNuggets history, you know that the dippable bites first debuted in 1983.

And folded in that golden tempura batter? There's not one but classic stars of the spice rack: cayenne and crushed red pepper.

The Mighty Hot Sauce also boasts those two spices as well, and a garlicky kick, too.

And here's something else to add to your McDonald's trivia files: The Spicy McNugget was the first of the McNuggets' specialty flavors.

Watch the chain's social pages for more information on this limited-time engagement.

Or should we say "snackgagement"? Yes, that works when you're talking about the super-snacky Spicy McNugget.

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