It's National Burrito Day (No Fooling)

El Pollo Loco will have a buy one, get one deal on the April 1 holiday, while Chipotle has a giveaway built around burritos and Bitcoin.

El Pollo Loco

What to Know

  • Thursday, April 1
  • There's a BOGO deal at El Pollo Loco, and an extra burrito, during April, for Loco Rewards members
  • Burritos and Bitcoin are on the Chipotle giveaway plan

Treading lightly on the first day of April?

We're definitely following that cautious, look-both-ways, and-then-again plan.

After all, jokes, pranks, and gotchas might spring from any corner, and staying a touch wary can serve a potential prankee well.

But the fooling stops and the feasting shall commence at a number of burrito-making restaurants around Southern California on April 1, 2021.

For that's National Burrito Day, an occasion so flavorful and so right it can remove any of our am-I-about-to-be-pranked worries in a delicious jiffy.

Where to find the tortilla-snug, salsa-spicy, cheese-gooey savings? Look to...

El Pollo Loco, where burrito buffs can enjoy a free burrito when they buy a burrito (you'll need the coupon on this page). And if you're a Loco Rewards member? You can score a second free burrito at any time during April (download the app for more).

Chipotle is giving away a bunch of burritos ($100,000 worth) and a hefty heap of Bitcoin, too (also $100,000) worth on April 1. There's gameplay involved, and a few details to know before starting, so start here.

Miguel's Jr. will shine the savings on two of its classic burritos on April 1. Fans of the bean, rice & cheese burrito or the bean & cheese burrito can buy either for $1.99. You can also order " ...Pop's Burrito and Carne Asada Burritos for just $8 with the option to add a House Margarita for $3" at the full-service Miguel's California Mexican Cocina.

Baja Fresh is honoring the satisfyingly savory celebration with a half-off-a-second-burrito deal. You'll need to know the code and the details to score this one, so swing by the company's social pages pronto.

Descanso in Costa Mesa will have half-off burritos on April 1 when you buy a margarita. Want to enjoy this offer at the restaurant (dine-in or patio) or via take-out? You can.

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