Just Peachy: The Donut Man's Famous Peach Treats Are Back

Calling lovers of stone fruits and sweets: A beloved goodie (briefly) returns.

The Donut Man

What to Know

  • Glendora and DTLA
  • The Donut Man just turned 50; peach doughnuts are a longtime specialty of the company
  • The limited-time doughnuts are $5.50 at the Glendora location

July can be so scorchy that finding signs of change, and observing the flow of time and the march of the seasons, can sometimes be something of a challenge.

But if you're in Southern California, you can locate those annual rites that tell us August is on approach. It might be the huge sunflowers at local farms reaching full burst-a-tude, or events like a Tomato Tasting Happy Hour, which is yummily popping up in Highland Park.

And if you look in the directions of Glendora and Grand Central Market in DTLA? You'll see a certain stone fruit shining above the rest, the sort of sweet treat that supports the fact that summer may be at its ultimate, and most delicious, peak.

We're talking about the glossy, glistening, and gorgeous peach doughnut, a decadent offering from The Donut Man.

This limited-time treat is probably the company's best-known summer pastry, though those celebrated strawberry doughnuts are still on the shelves, too (they traditionally debut at The Donut Man around February each year).

The Donut Man revealed on its social pages that peach doughnuts are back on the shelves as of July 20, 2022.

Unlike its sibling the strawberry doughnut, the peach doughnut, while widely loved, doesn't enjoy a multi-month run.

The dessert-y favorites follow the juicy flow of the annual peach season, and when the fruits reach their ripe endpoint, these doughnuts bid fans adieu.

Of course, that farewell is temporary, though the doughnut's absence is long. Peach doughnuts always return, if you can manage your anticipation and look to the height of summer.

It's been an especially sweet and celebratory year for The Donut Man. The company marked its 50th anniversary in May with gooey giveaways and yummy treats, a pomp-filled promise that there'd be many more peach doughnut seasons still to come.

And so there is: Get your peachy confections soon, while the peaches are at their peachiest and The Donut Man's Glendora and DTLA shops have these sought-after icons on their shelves.

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