LA Food Fest: Tickets on Sale

Nab your Early Bird ticket to the "#stretchypants required" event.

Calling early June "summertime" is simultaneously correct and not correct, in the way of those complex scientific brain twisters that challenge us to consider how one thing can exist in two worlds at once.

On the one hand, summer begins, officially, truly, and on the books, on June 21, thank you, no quibbles, good day.

On the remaining hand, the summer "season" begins with Memorial Day Weekend, at least 'round this country, so calling the LA Food Fest the first major meal-based brouhaha — er, brewhaha — of summertime is also kind of correct.


The date of the 2017 LA Food Fest reveals its almost-summer stance: Saturday, June 10. Who'd argue with anyone who called that particular date a date happening in summer? Not us.

The place? The mega-sized Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, which is a place sizable enough to hold the dozens upon dozens of "chefs, restaurants, trucks, street carts, and stands" making an assortment of vivacious vittles. There are over 100, in fact, in all.

Also: A quintet of beer gardens will foam up the 8th annual festival, hence our aforementioned "brewhaha" reference. The "brew" was for beer.

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Craft cocktails, a special coffee lounge, and a line-up of other perks/treats for devoted foodies and first-time festers are also on the docket.

A docket that is nicely priced at the moment, Early Bird-priced, in fact. Through April 23, see several bucks shaved off your general admission entry, which'll be $65 when the festival gets here (which'll be soon, as June arrives after May and May after April).

Also: Early bird ticket buyers are entered to win some prizes of a foodie sort.

The rallying cry of this huge try-to-try-everything spectacular? "Dust off your stretchy pants" is the rule of the delicious day.

Whether you buy your Early Bird ticket now, or just keep June 10 in mind, is up to you. And whether June 10 qualifies as "summer," at least in spirit, is also up to you, but you're not wrong to say that early June is both summer and not. 

Like some magical and complex property of science, that magical time of year can be either or both. Also magical: Our region's big food fests rev up around then, too.

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