Lotuses and Lanterns to Shimmer in Echo Park

The Light of Dreams Lantern Festival, a separate ticket, will glow over both nights of the event.

huoguangliang/Julie Thurston

What to Know

  • 41st Lotus Festival at Echo Park Lake
  • July 9 and 10, 2022
  • The daytime festival entertainment is free; the evening Light of Dreams Lantern Festival is $30-$35; off-site parking and shuttles are available

Summertime truly feels as if it is in full flower these days, and those exquisite lotuses that open their petals to the sky when July begins?

The beautiful blossoms, often found in and around pools of water, reflect the warmth and meaning of this auspicious time of year, as well as the ethereal spirit of the warmest season.

The lotus is a significant and storied flower in many parts of the world, and the Lotus Festival at Echo Park Lake has spent over four decades honoring several heritages through dance, music, and shore-close activities, all as the local lotuses reach their perfect peak bloom.

That festival will continue in 2022 on Saturday, July 9 and Sunday, July 10 with a celebration of India. The entertainment is free, and there's much to see, from a gift bazaar to lovely artwork to admire.

And a pavilion devoted to India? That's a celebratory centerpiece of the weekend-long festivity.

It's a festivity that will shimmer after the sun sets, when the Light of Dreams Water Lantern Festival adds luminosity to the lake each evening.

"Illuminated water lanterns symbolize our hope for a brighter future, appreciation for our loved ones, and memories of those who passed away; while lotuses represent rebirth, purity and life" is an uplifting note on the event's page.

This is a ticketed event, with admission running from $30 to $35. Daytime lantern decorating is on the schedule, so do read all before purchasing your ticket.

Reading up on parking before you go, and the complimentary shuttle service, can be done at this site.

To admire more of these celestial specimens around the region, and bask in their brief beauty, look to Ganna Walska Lotusland in Santa Barbara, where the first lotus of summer bloomed in June.

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