Mmm: Melon Tours Begin at Tanaka Farms

Talk about a refreshing return: The popular outdoor events are rolling again at the Irvine agricultural destination.


What to Know

  • Irvine
  • $20 per person; children 2 and under admitted free
  • The guided tour gives guests the chance to "harvest a seasonal vegetable," then try samples; you'll go home with a melon, too

When July dawns, the word "quench" seems to pop up more, in advertisements, on beverage labels, and, occasionally, in conversations, specifically those chats themed to delicious drinks.

But while we seek out cool-down treats to offer a quench-y quality to these warm days, we're also looking for certain questions to be quenched, specifically about how summer's superstar foods are grown and harvested.

And here to fulfill our longing for such fruit-centered facts?

Tanaka Farms, that Irvine icon of vegetables, fruits, holiday dining, seasonal events, and, as of July 1, melon-focused forays into the fields.

The popular guided Melon Tours have returned to the historical farm, as of the first day of July, and guests who reserve a spot can enjoy all sorts of quench-y adventures on the farm.

You'll board a "guided wagon ride," one that takes you to a field where you'll "harvest a seasonal vegetable."

Tasting a variety of grown-right-there melons?

That's also part of the tour, as is going home with your own marvelous melon.

Summer squash is one of the snacky samples, too, if that flavorful favorite is high on your list.

Admission is $20, and includes entry to the farm and the chance to visit the Barnyard Educational Exhibit, too. Children ages 2 and under may join the fun for free.

A few hours at Tanaka Farms makes for a sunshiny learning experience, one that offers families an airy day out on a property that's been growing world-class produce for decades.

Have a melon maven or two in your home?

This could be the quirky and quench-y adventure you're craving as the hotter days of summer begin to roll in, a chance to gain some food-strong knowledge and a few sweet samples along the way.

But melons roll, too, and we're ready to roll in the direction of these delightful Tanaka Farm tours.

You'll want to book in advance, and keep in mind that the Melon Tours are limited-time experiences.

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