Mondo Fests: Two Big Summer Reveals

Dig Make Music Pasadena and Street Food Cinema? Both spectaculars reveal their upcoming dates.

March, it is said, comes in like a lion, but whether SoCalers would agree to that long-standing chestnut is up for some debate.

At least on the weather end of things it wasn't very leonine; a foggy morning in many parts of the region led to a soft, mild, bird-chirpy, bud-bursting afternoon.

Let's think of the lion part of March's arrival as more in the cultural/entertainment realm: Two major summer happenings made announcements Tuesday, and fans of free tunes and films under the stars can start filling out their calendars.

Street Food Cinema, that alfresco film-centered weekly fun time, grandly drew the curtain back on its sparkler-filled schedule on March 1. The summer-famous to-do is getting an early start, with a prom-y "Pretty in Pink" 30th anniversary party at Million Dollar Theatre on Saturday, March 26. "Romeo + Juliet" flutters into Exposition Park on May 7, and then a huge roster of movies will follow, and an array of around-the-city locations, too. 

Live bands, food trucks, and other festive happenings happen outside of the screen at these nights, as does some quality hanging out on picnic blankets, with friends. It is a true LA way to pass summer nights, and not for a lot of cash.

"The West Coast's largest free music festival" — that's Make Music Pasadena — will set up the multiple stages all around Old Pasadena on Saturday, June 11. Over 50,000 revelers have attended past shows, which cover both touring headliners and solid acts still in their starting-out phase. It's a half-day show, with an 11 a.m. kickoff time and an 11 p.m. wrap-up, and Colorado Boulevard serves as the main hub for the dozens of acts.

How "dozens" do we mean? Look for 150 bands and artists to play. If you want to play, there's a call out to apply but get that application in by April 27.

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This is all pretty big, yes? As big as a lion's roar? We have no confirmation that March'll leave like a lamb, but for fans of summer (and late spring) fun that isn't expensive, or is free, and covers a lot of sound/cinema goodness, March 1 showed up in a major way.

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