No ‘Aaughs!,' Only Smiles at Knott's Peanut Celebration

Several Snoopy-riffic doings are popping up at the Buena Park theme park, every weekend in February.

What to Know

  • Every weekend in February 2018
  • Buena Park
  • Knott's admission gets you into the Peanuts events

How many moments have you experienced that made you want to shout "aaugh!" at the sky?

It's what Charlie Brown invariably says after he misses the football Lucy is holding or experiences disappointment on the pitcher's mound. And we non-Peanuts people say it, too, or at least think it, when we meet life's little hurdles.

Where, though, to find an "aaugh!"-free experience, the kind of happening that gives us a chance to learn how to sketch a Peanuts character, or watch a show starring Lucy, Charlie Brown, and the whole gang, or ride a kid-sweet train right into a Beagle Bonanza?

It's Knott's Berry Farm, the historic Buena Park theme park that's long been a must-visit for fans of the Charles Schulz-created characters. In fact, Peanuts and Knott's have a friendship going back some 35 years, and areas like Camp Snoopy are permanent and well-attended parts of the park.

But the Knott's Peanuts Celebration, a special limited-time happening that'll dance, like Snoopy atop a piano, every weekend through February 2018, is further spotlighting the iconic characters we know and love.

Fans of Franklin, Sally, and Schroeder can find a number of other festivities throughout Ghost Town and other Knott's nooks, from a pair of music shows at the Calico Mine Stage (one in the daytime, one at night) to a chance to pose with Pigpen for a picture at the Livery Stable.

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Pigpen, by the by, is "the newet member of the Peanuts Gang to arrive at Knott's," so if you've snapped your photo with other favorite characters of the years, but haven't yet met this icon, your chance is now.

What's the cost to join the Knott's Peanut Celebration? Just your admission to the theme park. 

And it is a celebration that begins the moment you walk in the theme park's front entrance, for a number of large, step-inside photo opportunities, like the chance to "sit" in Woodstock's nest or steal Linus's beloved blanket, are found steps from the turnstiles.

Keep in mind that this is a weekends-only festivity, one that ends on Sunday, Feb. 25. No "aaughs" here, just flitting, like Woodstock might, from activity to activity, all to-dos that put you in the Peanuts-themed universe for a day.

"Waa waaa waaaa waa," which everyone knows translates as "have a great time" in teacher-speak from the Peanuts universe. 

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