Philippe's Free Chili Day Simmering Soon

Five hundred visitors to the Alameda Street eatery will receive a complimentary cup of hearty goodness when they buy a French Dip.

Philippe the Original

What to Know

  • Tuesday, Jan.28
  • Starts at 10:30 a.m.
  • First 500 people will receive a free cup of chili with French Dip purchase

Temperatures these days, at least in the morning hours, are hovering somewhere between "crisp" and "brisk."

We're not in the snowy throes of wintertime, but it is wintertime in Southern California, and we're rocking our hoodies and thicker yoga pants and our hankerings, too, the sort of hankerings that lead us to toasty, super-filling stews.

And when that stew is free, or rather free with purchase? It's a gift, and the best gifts tend to arrive in the form of warming grub.

Philippe the Original, that bastion o' French Dips, bright pink hard-boiled eggs, and pep-producing cups of joe, knows we like our warm grub in these crisp/brisk days.

And to help 500 of us enjoy that grub gratis, well, with purchase of a French Dip, there is Free Chili Day.

The annual event, which is way, way popular at the Alameda Street landmark, happens in 2020 on Jan. 28.


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The first 500 people to make a purchase will receive a pay-nothing cup of Dolores Chili.

How to be in that group? It all begins at 10:30 a.m. on the 28th, so, yeah: Be there long before then, if you'd like to be a contender.

And, of course, we're just assuming, but confidently assuming, that if you're at Philippe's, you'll be buying a French Dip while there.

That's your purchase, the one that will lead you to that free chili.

So is it crisp or brisk these days?

Whatever the weather, we're in a chili-eating mood, a vibe that would be nicely enhanced by a happy hour spent at the famous Alameda Street spot, the one with the sawdust floors, vintage candy counter, glass display case brimming with salads, friendly staff members, and some very fine French Dips.

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