Root Beer Float: New Astro Doughnuts Flavor

The offbeat pastry joins three other fresh flavors on a limited-time menu at the recently opened downtown shop.

What's the exact right time of day to enjoy a scoop of ice cream, traditionally vanilla, and a tall mug of frosty beer o' the root?

If this classic confection is your go-to beverage-dessert combo, you likely answered "any time that happens to have a number in it." 

And yet? Even the most committed of root-beer-floatians would probably concur, even grudgingly, that breakfast, or any time before 10 in the morning, is not prime float time, unless, of course, the float shows up in another form.

Say, a doughnut. Which it has now done, at Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken downtown, as part of a special, seasonal, limited-time-only, eat-'em-now quartet of offbeat pastries.

The Root Beer Float Doughnut is joined by Birthday Cake (now an ice cream staple but generally less seen in the doughnut universe), Cherry Pie (summer sweet, meet morning goodie), and Blueberry Lemon Thyme, to lend an herbacious zing to your day-starting snack.

If you're a Boyland Root Beer buff, and you sense its zingy presence in your Root Beer Float Doughnut, you've got some sharp taste buds, indeed.

And if you've developed a hankering for the already available flavors at the shop, which debuted in Los Angeles in April 2017, give a "phew": Vanilla Glazed, Maple Bacon, PB&J, and the much-drooled-over Crème Brulee remain on the menu.

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A menu that has its roots in Washington, D.C., you likely know, if you dig deeply into doughnut-related doings.

And the Doughnut French Toast, which is a meet-up of two things that feel as natural together as dip and chips? That's available at the 6th Street shop, too, every day right through to 11 a.m. 

So shall it be a root beer float, in chewy, doughy form, for breakfast? Or the sweet junction where French toast and doughnuts meet? If you bring a friend, and agree to go halfsies, it can be, we're happy to inform you, both.

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