Score a Free Taco at Acapulco's Taco Tuesday

Make a purchase at the restaurant after 3 p.m. and score a complimentary, tortilla-tempting goodie.

Acapulco Restaurant y Cantina

What to Know

  • All Acapulco restaurants, dine-in in the cantina only
  • All five March 2020 Tuesdays after 3 p.m.
  • Say "taco" and receive a free taco with purchase

Taco Tuesday? It gets us.

Or, rather, it connects with our general gladness to arrive at the doorstep of the second weekday. Monday has been vanquished, the hump of the week is in sight, and seeking out a savory, hearty, and filling treat feels like feel-good reward.

But what if that treat came with a $0.00 next to it, on the bill?

Such will be the yummy case at Acapulco Restaurant y Cantina for a foreseeable string of Tuesdays.

And by "foreseeable" we simply mean that the restaurant chain will offer a free taco, with any purchase, after 3 in the afternoon, on any Tuesday in March.

And, yep: We're in a five-Tuesday month, with the final Tuesday of March 2020 falling on March 31.

A couple of to-knows? You'll need to say "taco" to get that gratis, tortilla-nice nosh.

You'll need to eat in the cantina, so, nope, this is not a take-out deal.

And again, be sure to be there after 3 o'clock.

Something else appetizing for Taco Tuesday at your local Acapulco?

There's a taco bar that pops up, a bounty that includes salsas aplenty, homemade tortillas, and main ingredients like grilled chicken.

Hello again, Taco Tuesday. We are raising a salsa-laden munchable in your appetizing honor.

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