Sprinkles Has a Dill-ightful Pickle Cupcake

Here's the dill: It's part of the larger Pregnant AF box, and you'll need to order it faster than it takes to eat a bread & butter chip.

Sprinkles Cupcakes

What to Know

  • The Pickles & Cream Cheese Cupcake is part of the Pregnant AF box
  • The box includes Candy Bowl cupcake, a Flamin' Hot Cheetos cupcake, and a Red Velvet
  • Order a four-pack (one of each flavor) for $25 or a 12-pack (three of each flavor) for $60 by midnight on Sept. 30; pick up or choose delivery on Oct. 2 or 3

The pickle hasn't quite eclipsed the peanut when it comes to popping up in both sweet and savory foods.

But the sour superstar has moved on from the main meal category, where it traditionally has been found topping burgers, to the appetizer column, where fried pickles remain incredibly popular.

Unlike peanuts, though, pickles haven't yet championed the dessert course, which is a shame, given the crunchy cuke's sure-to-be-tangy contribution to offbeat confections.

Sprinkles Cupcakes understands the pickle's potential in the sweeter sphere. Meet the Pickles & Cream Cheese Cupcake, which includes dill pickle cake as its base and a Kettle Chip as the topper (that's yogurt keeping the potato chip yummily adhered to the cupcake, and some all-important dill, too).

How, though, to try this dill-icious if delightfully daffy dessert? You'll need to order the Pregnant AF Box by midnight on Sept. 30.

The box also includes a Candy Bowl cupcake (they're topped in all sorts of candies, including 3 Musketeers and Milky Ways), one Flamin' Hot Cheeto Cupcakes (the cake is vanilla but the Cheeto power is potent), and an oh-so-classic signature Red Velvet cupcake.

The four-pack box includes one of each, including the Pickles & Cream Cheese, for $25.

Want three of each? Choose the 12-pack box for $60.

And the nicest part of this frosting-covered flash event? "To sweeten the offering, Sprinkles will be donating partials proceeds of each box sold to under-resourced moms and families in need via partner Baby2Baby."

The Pregnant AF boxes are available for pick-up or delivery; find out more at the Sprinkles site now.

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