Sweet Somis Has Juicy Blueberries, Ripe for Picking

Underwood Family Farms just announced the opening of blueberry season, but note: This is only happening at its Somis farm, not Moorpark.

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What to Know

  • Starting Saturday, May 15, through the middle of July
  • Underwood Family Farms in Somis (note that there are is no blueberry picking in Moorpark)
  • $3 admission, $5.29 per pound; raspberries and blackberries will be ready later in the spring and summer

Waving at goats, posing in a pumpkin patch, roaming around a maze made from hay barrels?

Chances are good, if you've participated in some or all of those pleasurable pursuits, you've done so at Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark.

For the agricultural destination's Moorpark location has as many merry goings-on as a pumpkin has seeds, or seemingly so, and while those pastimes can change with the calendar, what never changes is this: The Moorpark-based farm makes for a festive and often educational family day out.

But Underwood Family Farms has another location in Somis, where good things also grow and there are things to do and see.

And sometimes? Something special flowers at the Somis Farm Center, which gives Underwood aficionados the opportunity to check out Moorpark's also lush, lovely, and goodie-growing sibling.

That will happen for bounties of berry buffs starting on Saturday, May 15, which is, oh juicy joy, the beginning of blueberry-picking season.

Underwood Family Farms made a special announcement on its social pages earlier in May, all to let people know that the blueberry-est time of the year was here, and that fans will need to go to Somis to pick those blueberries, and not Moorpark.

Admission is three dollars, and freshly plucked blueberries are priced at $5.29 a pound, so if you plan on picking a few pounds, be sure to have the fare you need to leave with the fruit you want.

Blueberry season doesn't last forever (no spoiler alert needed), so definitely drive out to Somis before the middle of July, if you have a sweet tooth for healthy sweets.

But wait: Other sweet treats are bursting at the Somis spot, including strawberries and tangerines.

And there's more berry joy to come: Raspberries will be ready for picking in June while blackberries will follow in July.

Of course, there's plenty going on at the Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark, too, and you could visit both Somis and Moorpark in a single day, if you were so inclined: They're about 15 minutes apart, by car.

A good bet?

See what's ready to be picked at both locations, and decide if you need to call upon one or both farm centers. Just note that admission will be separate at each, and do look up the prices for the produce you'd like to pull straight from the vines.

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