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The Huntington's Chinese Garden Expansion Will Open in October

The San Marino landmark will now be home to "one of the largest Chinese gardens in the world."

The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens

What to Know

  • Opens Oct. 9
  • San Marino
  • An additional 11.5 acres have been added to the original Garden of Flowing Fragrance, which opened in 2008

The dream of taking a sun-dappled stroll through a classic, tree-rich, pavilion-dotted Chinese garden?

It's a notion that can swirl through the heart and mind, especially as you imagine beautiful bridges, serene bodies of water, and perfectly imagined buildings, the sort of places made for sitting in contemplation.

China has long offered many perfect places to experience this particular bliss.

But something sweet for Southern Californians seeking a bit of that bliss closer to home? The newest place to commune with ethereally imagined nature will be right here, in the city of San Marino.

For the multi-year expansion of the Chinese Garden, a centerpiece of The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens, is coming to a much-anticipated conclusion.

The additional 11.5 acres will open to the public on Oct. 9, 2020.

Described as "one of the largest Chinese-style gardens outside China," The Garden of Flowing Fragrance, Liu Fang Yuan, brims with "the rich traditions of Chinese culture."

Visitors to The Huntington have already been enjoying several features of the serene space for several years now, since 2008, but a major expansion was always in the works.

That expansion is nearing completion, ahead of Oct. 9, save for some landscaping at the perimeter, but the construction has concluded.

"More than 50 Chinese artisans from the Suzhou Garden Development Company 苏州园林发展公司 are spending six months at The Huntington doing specialized carpentry, masonry, and tile work for the traditional structures in the final phase," shared The Huntington in 2019. "Their hand-craftsmanship gives the garden its authenticity and beauty."

The new features to seek out on your contemplative saunters in this exquisitely realized garden expansion, which includes pavilions, shrubs, vista points, and a tapestry of stunning sights?

Look for the Stargazing Tower, located at the highest point of Liu Fang Yuan.

"The name pays homage to the nearby Mt. Wilson Observatory—visible from the tower—and to the work of astronomer Edwin Hubble, a neighbor of Henry Huntington," is the word from The Huntington. "Hubble’s papers are part of the Library’s holdings in the history of science."

And The Flowery Brush Library will serve as a vibrant hub for programs, exhibits, and more.

The Huntington's indoor spaces are temporarily closed, but tickets to the outdoor spaces are released each Tuesday at noon.

For more on this major and exciting addition to Southern California's cultural and natural landscape, visit The Huntington's site now.

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