This Donate-What-You-Can Burger Helps Restaurant Workers

Order a Community Burger at Slapfish in Huntington Beach, donate any amount, and help the 86 Restaurant Struggle fund.


What to Know

  • The Community Burger is a donation-only offering
  • All donations will go to the 86 Restaurant Struggle fund, which is giving money to restaurant employees during the pandemic
  • 19696 Beach Boulevard in Huntington Beach

A number of funds created in 2020 are busily assisting restaurant employees in numerous ways as eateries face closures due to the pandemic.

Donations are flowing to these funds in different and urgent ways, but Slapfish has come up with a super-savory way to get needed cash to restaurant staffers.

Meet the Community Burger, a double-patty'd wonder that rocks the Slapfish signature burger sauce. Oh yes, and a potato roll, too.

The sizable burger is free, thanks in large part to a donation of prime grade meats courtesy of Craig Nickloff, owner of West Coast Prime Meats.

But while there's no price tag attached to this hearty fare, there is a higher vision: People order the Community Burger are donating to Slapfish's 86 Restaurant Struggle fund, which has "... already given out more than $300,000 to help struggling workers make ends meet."

Donations are accepted in any amount, so if you can go big, all to help this critically important fund, please feel free to do so.

If you'd like to apply for relief from the fund, you can find more information at the fund's site. The 86 Restaurant Struggle fund is open to restaurant employees throughout the nation.

Slapfish, which is located at 19696 Beach Boulevard in Huntington Beach, is known for its seafood specialties.

But if you're craving a half-pound burger that comes with a side of kindness and community spirit, wait to order your next fish dinner and go for the Community Burger, making a donation to help those in the restaurant industry, both in Southern California and around the country.

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