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Union Station: New Interactive 4-D Experience

Look up and enjoying visuals depicting our city's skyscrapers, more.

Union Station

A stroll through a train station is bound to ignite the senses, from hearing the clacka-clacka of the 8:03 pulling in to smelling the fresh pot of coffee at the newspaper stand to seeing all of the commuters rushing to find the right platform.

But a 4-D experience, one that delves into history, and one that comes with "interactive" and "multimedia" and "cinematic" in its bio, is not something that clacka-clackas down a station's track every day.

Union Station, however, is having that rare, sense-spectacular moment with "Union Station 360°," an art happening that's lighting up parts of the landmark through Sunday, July 24.

Indeed, this is a complementary event to the free concert series going on in the station's garden area on select summer nights.

And if you're thinking that the 4-D experience might have something to do with Los Angeles, and its buildings, and its past, and its people, given Union Station's importance and legacy, you'd be correct.

Look to be whisked through on an "extraordinary interactive journey through the unique cultural fabric of LA with a series of imaginative vignettes exploring the city's storied past and vibrant present." These vignettes will appear on a projection sphere as well as the "Floating Sky Screen" (with, of course, stirring tunes to accompany the images). 

If you've been on the High Roller in Las Vegas, then you know some of the visual-rich work of the Hettema Group, the organization behind "Union Station 360°."

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It's a nighttime thing, do note, so make for the Alameda Street destination from 8 p.m. to midnight for sweeping vistas of LA, presented under one of the best-known, most photographed ceilings in the city.

Our rail-amazing Mission-Art Deco-Streamline Moderne train place is truly a place made for the senses, but through July 24 look for the coffee aromas and Surfliner sights to find a new eye-popping neighbor in the 4-D-tastic "Union Station 360°."

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