Vinyl, CDs, Posters, Yay: It's Record Store Day

Local stores will offer specials and new releases; stop by to flip, flip, flip, flip through albums and show your support.

Vinyl Shelf
Tabitha Thompson / Haven Page Design

There are some things that seem like they can easily go on forever, once you've started.

Once you've begun eating a large bucket of popcorn, it is easy to keep reaching for one more piece, then another, then another. Once you start playing an arcade game, you want to take down one more asteroid, then another, then another.

And flipping through shelves of vintage vinyl? The flip, flip, flip, flip, flip feels eternal, as you anticipate what the next album could be, something funny, funky, flair-filled, the sort of record you've been searching for for, well, ever?

If ever there was a day worth flipping out for, it's Record Store Day, which spins again Saturday, April 23.

The annual celebration, which is all about putting a supportive, celebratory, and grateful spotlight on our local music stores, is known for its special releases, pop-up deals, and live shows.

Finding what's happening at your neighborhood record shops is as easy as perusing the Record Store Day site, which lists all of the participating stores, what's afoot, and what visitors can expect.

The 2022 festivities, which are fêting 15 years of Record Store Day, will include a new "Record Store Day" book and a number of "drops" that will roll out by June (you can read more about that process here).

Participating shops are plentiful with Canterbury Records in Pasadena, Amoeba Music in Hollywood, and a host of other Southern California gems joining the joyful happening.

A happening that will look a bit different, depending on where you go, but the vibe will remain the same: Helping these great shops, showing your fandom, making a purchase, seeing what's new, saying "hello" to the owners, with the understanding that the pandemic closures, and unpredictable twists of the last two years, have had a number of challenges for independent businesses.

Flip, flip, flip: It's true that album aficionados always want to see what's next, the next poster, the next 45, the next CD, the next record, which might just be the exact record they want.

Here's what's next right now: Check out all the need-to-knows about Record Store Day before stopping by your fave on April 23, or, really, any day beyond that, to show your love.

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