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Visit a ‘Bubble Planet' at Kidspace in Pasadena

Soapy, super-fun orbs take the spotlight at the educational museum over several summer weeks.

Kidspace Children's Museum

What to Know

  • Kidspace Children's Museum in Pasadena, near Rose Bowl Stadium
  • June 13 through Sept. 6 (members preview June 11 and 12)
  • "Big bubbles, little bubbles, bubbles you can make and bubbles you can step inside" are part of the outdoor happening

Floating into June with all of the amazing airiness of an iridescent soap bubble?

Such a glad goal may not really be possible for anyone, though try, we really do, when it comes to sailing into the summer season with a sweet and sunny outlook.

There is a place that's popping with just this sort of sudsy spirit, and you can float by it in Pasadena, at Brookside Park. It's Kidspace Children's Museum, and while its indoor exhibits remain closed as June 2021 starts, something big is bubbling just outside the educational institution.

And we're not just blowing soap when we break out the word "bubbling": A full-on fest devoted to the delights of bubbles, all sorts of bubbles, will float by this family favorite for much of the summertime.

Bubble Planet will features ""(b)ig bubbles, little bubbles, bubbles you can make and bubbles you can step inside," providing "... a multi-sensory spin on Kidspace’s familiar outdoor exhibits, engaging guests visually, audibly, and tactilely."

Will there be "alien goop" made for dipping your hands into?

Oh you bet.

Might you spy an "interstellar vortex" to admire, moon rocks to moon over, and all sorts of rad activities that are based in science but more than a little fanciful in character?


And, again, this is all happening around Kidspace's handsome and airy outdoor grounds. It's an area that gives everyone a little space to explore, daydream, and do their own thing.

"Bubble Planet is an exuberant and creative event, a whole galaxy of good clean fun," said Chief Executive Officer, Lisa Clements. 

"Kidspace is designed as a place where children and families play together in ways that can promote growth, social connection, and creativity. For Bubble Planet, we've developed experiences with bubbles that will surprise and delight our guests and spark their curiosity about the underlying science."

Fancy a float by this lighter-than-air event, one that appeals to our aspirational, look-up, summer-sweet goals? A ticket is $14.95, for every guest who is age 1 or older, and you'll want to reserve your admission in advance.

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