Weekend: Buzz by the NHMLA Bug Fair

Bugs to eat, bugs to admire, and bug buffs to meet? All scurrying for Exposition Park.

Bug Fair: We've all seen a really big bug, but have you seen a really big bug fair? For the one that's scurrying into the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County is one of the biggest of them all. It should be, as it has been bugging us for 33 years now, with crunchy, bug-filled cooking demonstrations, kid-cool activities, and dozens of insect-awesome vendors (over 50 are set to appear in 2019). An adult ticket is $14, youth and children tickets are $11 and $6, respectively, and the dates? We're waving our tiny antennae in the direction of May 18 and 19, 2019. Any millipede mavens in the house? About tarantula lovers? See you there.

California Strawberry Festival: 'Fess up. You can eat a dozen strawberries in one sitting, plus a waffle topped with strawberry jam, plus a slice of shortcake, too. You're very into the berry, is the whole story here, and you're up for any party that's going to put the focus on all of its gooey, dessert-oozy, entree-enhancing gifts. This is that party, it is two days, meaning it is large, as in carnival-large, there's a recipe contest, a strawberry-cute baby fashion contest, and a tart tossing showing, too. It's all happening in Oxnard, and it is ticketed, and there's a shuttle situation, with parking (we said it is large). Sweet deets? Get 'em.

Museums of the Arroyo Day: The opportunity to wander through one museum, for free, doesn't come along all that often. But when six spots form a unit, all to give guests a pay-nothing afternoon of educational delights, cultural wonders, and out-and-out lookie-loo-ing? All near the Arroyo Seco? It must be this long-runner of a free day, which returns to The Gamble House, Heritage Square, the Lummis Home, and three other nearby institutions on Sunday, May 19. There are to-dos at every stop, and while it might be tempting to try for all six, you might want to focus on one or two places. But you do you, museum lover, you do you.

Animal Love: If the weekend's arrival only ups your desire to be in the vicinity of something precious, furry, and cuddle-ready, you're in some sort of luck. The NKLA Super Adoption, which will spotlight over 1,000 animals, will bark/meow at Warner Park in Woodland Hills on May 18 and 19, meaning you might find the forever friend you've been wanting. At Centennial Farm in Costa Mesa? Oh goodness, it is Goat Yoga time, but be sure to register for one of the three May 18 sessions ahead of time (they could sell out). And at Pasadena Humane Society, there's a special seminar on kitten rescue on Sunday, May 19.

626 Golden Streets: If you know your San Gabriel Valley, you know that Mission Street is in South Pasadena, and Mission San Gabriel is about five-miles-ish away, in, yes, San Gabriel, and getting between the two places will usually require a car. But on Sunday, May 19? That's all changing, when five miles of streets will close to cars and open to people power, from humans on bikes to anyone who just wants to stroll. It's all free, Gabe the Sasquatch will be wandering the route, and there'll be three hubs full of activities and info to stop at along the mission-merry way.

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