Weekend: LA Art Show Is Here

The DTLA-based wonderland of modern and contemporary works will attract buyers, fans, art pros, and a public eager to be inspired.

LA Art Show

LA Art Show: The reasons we seek to connect with art are as plentiful as paintings in a museum, which means that the thousands of visitors at this colossal convention of modern and contemporary art, art dealers, artists, and art fans will be there looking to buy, see, ponder, find inspiration, find surprise, and meet other aficionados of paint, clay, and other media. It's on at the Los Angeles Convention Center through Feb. 9, so go admire, absorb, and art-it-up.

Bulldog Beauty Contest: How do you know Valentine's Day is on fast approach in Southern California? When this wrinkly and wonderful snoutfest trundles back into Marine Stadium in Long Beach. It is about Bulldogs, the bulls, er, belles of this particular ball, but all dogs are welcome (and, yes, there are competitions to compete in, of the most light-hearted variety). If you just want to watch the barky bliss unfold, that's cool, but there's info on entering your pup. The doggy date? It's Feb. 9, arf.

Oscar Weekend: Plenty of quips may be made about people misplacing their invitations to the Academy Awards, but there are ways to get into the swing of things beyond the red carpet. Bars around LA will tune into the awards show on Feb. 9, while a few, like Ever Bar at The Kimpton Everly, have cocktails themed to the nominated movies. And at FIDM downtown? It's weekend #1 of the free costume show, which features outfits from all the Best Costume Design nominees. It's open Tuesdays through Saturdays through March 21.

The Gumball Rally: It's a call-to-action that would perk up the Mickey ears atop any Disneyland fan's head: How many rides can you ride in a single day at The Happiest Place on Earth? Several spirited, sneaker-wearing Disney devotees will attempt to find out on Saturday, Feb. 8. It's an event helmed by MiceChat, the super-fan hub, and there's a cute trophy involved, too, for the winning team (it salutes the 60th anniversary of the Matterhorn Bobsleds, the Submarine Voyage, and the Monorail).

Camellia Show and Sale: Flowers can seem ephemeral, and some of their annual runs are notably brief, but wow, do they bring joy, beauty, and delight. Some flower events, though, are quite long-lived, like this weekend-long event at The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens. The show and sale will mark its 50th in a couple of years, meaning it is one of the biggies in the blossom game. Gorgeous winter flowers will be on view, so don't pass up your chance to admire character-filled camellias up-close.

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