Where to Ward Off the Scorching Temps in SoCal

Temps are going the triple-digit route; find cool-down spots to de-sizzle.

What to Know

  • Cooling Centers, pools, museums
  • Locations and prices vary
  • Christmas in July near Lake Arrowhead is also happening

Stroll along Venice Beach Boardwalk, or another water-close fun place, and you'll see them, row by row: The t-shirts and mugs and toys that boast a smiling, sunglasses-wearing cartoon sun.

This fictional sun is a laid-back sun. This is a sun that's easy AND breezy.

This is not the sun we'll be experiencing over the first full weekend of July 2018, when temperatures around Southern California are going to push into the three-digit territory, and then, once there, push a little further.

Where, though, to go to weather the weather and be out of the glare of our nearest star, which definitely will not be its cartoony, grinning self for several days? 

First and foremost, check out the City of LA's Summer 2018 Beat the Heat page, which is laden with resources, good tips, and important must-knows.

There are links to Cooling Centers around the region, including recreation centers, senior centers, libraries, and LA County facilities.

The Scene

Want to find new things to do in Los Angeles? The Scene's lifestyle stories have you covered. Here's your go-to source on where the fun is across SoCal and for the weekend.

Things to do this weekend: Treat Dad to great eats, a record fair, and a free car show

Long Beach opens free aquatic playgrounds for the summer

Please do seek one out. Don't hesitate. Your information is here.

Splashing at a swimming pool overseen by the City of Los Angeles, Recreation and Parks Department, Aquatics Division in your heat-beating plans? There are dozens to choose from, if this is how you want to bring a bit of chill to some fiery days. 

There's probably one near you, or not too far: Find your closest pool now.

Museums are popular choices when the mercury is at its highest/reddest. Paying to see paintings is always a primo idea, for both you and the painting-packed place, but you might be longing for a deal, too, during the heat wave.

Here's a start: A handy chart from SoCal Museums detailing all of the free days at various area art and cultural institutions. Several are happening over the heat-wavy days, too.

Some museum-cool possibilities in the toasty days ahead?

The California Science Center, which is free each and every day, The Paley Center for Media (also free, but shuttered on Mondays and Tuesdays), and the Norton Simon Museum, which is free on the first Friday of each month from 5 to 8 p.m. (so, yes, that's July 6).

Or perhaps you're longing for the ocean during this sun-drenched span? And your own palapa? Check it out: New palapas recently made their stylish debut at Two Harbors on Catalina Island.

And if you're still wishing, through all of the toasty temps, that you could be at the North Pole, well, you kind of can be: Skypark at Santa's Village is celebrating Christmas in July on Saturday, July 7 and Sunday, July 8.

Nope, it won't be snowy at the attraction, which is just a short, fir-pretty drive from Lake Arrowhead.

But seeing Santa, and the Northwoods architecture, and hearing carols may just have you thinking that there's a hint of December in the hot July air.

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