World Cup Doughnuts Roll into Trejo's

Here's the sweet star of your soccer-exciting viewing party.

What to Know

  • Trejo's Coffee & Donuts
  • 6785 Santa Monica Boulevard
  • 2018 World Cup is on from June 14 through July 15

When a host is planning a party built around a special televised event, a number of questions can zoom through the mind.

What sort of foods should be served? How should the eats relate to the special televised event? And does the time of day matter when it comes to the meal that's ultimately chosen?

World Cup, though, makes it all rather easy. If you're rooting for a particular team, you'll probably want to cook some of the classic dishes hailing from that team's country. 

If it is morning, you may want to go with a breakfast-type dish. (And, yes, many of the matches at FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 will air in the very, very early morning in Southern California.)

And if you crave cute doughnuts that look like soccer balls, you'll want to go straight to Trejo's Coffee & Donuts, which will making these timely treats during the duration of World Cup, which opens on June 14 and finishes on July 15.

What's inside these edible soccer-ball-esque doughnuts?

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Chocolate pudding, as if an exciting morning spent rooting for your favorite players couldn't get any better. Maybe all doughnuts everywhere should automatically include chocolate pudding in their centers, from here on out? Just a thought.

The cost for a doughnut: Five bucks.

Picking some up the day before a game you're anticipating? Probably a good idea, since some matches will start before sunrise in LA.

Best confer with your guests and find out who loves chocolate pudding-filled soccer ball doughnuts and who REALLY loves chocolate pudding-filled soccer ball doughnuts, and purchase accordingly.

Related and v. v. important: DTLA Donut Festival, the first-ever, is on Saturday, June 16 at Union Station, and, yes, Trejo's Coffee & Donuts will be there, but whether they'll have the World Cup doughnuts remains a yummy mystery.

Find out by stopping by the landmark's South Patio and beelining straight for the Trejo's table.

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