Yep, Knott's Boysenberry Festival Tasting Cards Are a Whole Thing

That's how serious this famous foodie festival is, boysen-obsessed people: There's a card to help you try and keep track of some of the best-loved dishes.

What to Know

  • March 16 through April 8, 2018
  • Buena Park
  • Admission to Knott's gets you in; food/drink is extra

If only, and we do mean this sincerely, we had tasting cards, the kind of clear and helpful tasting cards seen at the annual Knott's Boysenberry Festival at Knott's Berry Farm, in our everyday lives.

And these straightforward, life-assisting cards wouldn't only deal with food. They'd tell us what errands we had to run and what appointments we had to make, and there'd be pull-off tabs we'd hand to various people to complete various transactions.

Alas, those don't exist, yet, but Knott's has the whole Tasting Card plan wrapped up when it comes to its famous springtime food festival.

A food festival that opens on Friday, March 16, and runs through Sunday, April 8, and if you're suddenly pre-overwhelmed with choices, because there are over 75 boysenberry-themed eats and drinks to try, best buy a card as fast as it takes to pop a boysenberry in your mouth.

It's thirty dollars, this magical Tasting Card, and it provides you an edible, enchanting entryway to trying eight different popular boysenberry dishes, including a Slow Cooked Boysenberry Short Rib, Boysenberry Pierogies, and Boysenberry Cheese Quesadilla.

All eight dishes will be found around the Ghost Town. Easy.

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And all eight dishes are listed clearly on the 2018 Tasting Card, so if you're not jazzed about some of 'em, you might consider buying each boysenberry dish as you go, because there will be plenty to buy at the the Buena Park theme park. 

And by "plenty" we mean over 75 different boysenberry eats and drinks. Oh boy(senberry)!

If you do go with the Tasting Card option, best know what that means. The message seen at the top of the card tells a happy story: You can try all eight dishes offered, down the line, one after the other, or you're welcome to "mix and match," if that's your pleasure. 

Yep, this is "(n)ew this year," this mixing and matching, so hurrah.

Getting into the festival? It requires Knott's admission.

Getting food and drink at the festival? That's not included with admission, so do bring money.

Getting a Tasting Card? You can buy online.

The nice Knott's people have so many solid tips for enjoy this bustling berry bash, including when the Tasting Card stands are the busiest, so you'll probably want to study up before loading up your berry-lovin' crew for Buena Park.

For now, we don't have Tasting Cards in our day-to-day lives, unfortch.

But no unfortch-a-tude here: Knott's Berry Farm has boysenberry fans covered, for the next few weeks, when it comes to trying offbeat treats 'round the Ghost Town, all for the price of a single, tab-lined, temptation-filled card.

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