Zombies to Roam LACMA

A special LACMA Local event includes a visit to the Guillermo del Toro show before a campus zombie walk.

Any connoisseur of a classic zombie film can tell you that while the make-up often impresses, and the costumes, and the groan-tastic acting, and the all-important social themes, and the subtle satire, it is often the setting that keeps the audience in a thrall.

Whether that setting is an echo-filled shopping mall or a gloomy cemetery, where exactly the zombies shuffle can capture a lot of cinematic flavor. And while they seem to shuffle in many places these days, it is rare to see the undead call upon something as singular as a world-famous museum.

That will change on Saturday, Oct. 15 when the Los Angeles County Museum of Art hosts a thrilling, chilling, and dream-fulfilling LACMA Local event themed to zombies.

First thing's first: The "Local" part in the name signifies that the to-do is part of a series focused on creating quality, quirky experiences outside the art-viewing traditions. It's a join-up deal, and you can add it to your current LACMA membership for $25 "or join a la carte for $40." So square what you need to do here away, joining-wise, before finding your most zombie-ish duds, the ones you'll make extra zombie-ish at the "Intro to Zombie" Workshop.

That workshop will happen after a visit to "Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters," which starts the morning off. Then you'll gather with other aspiring undeaders to go through "the monster transformation process" with Zombie Joe's Underground Theater lending the instruction (this is indeed the outfit out of North Hollywood).

After you've discovered "how to act, dress, and walk" like you just woke up from a long, not-quite-eternal nap, you and your freshly monster'd-up acquaintances "will haunt LACMA in a short zombie walk through campus." 

Do note that you'll want to arrive with your "own clothes for distressing" and there's a $15 workshop fee, too.

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Also of note? This is a morning-time gathering. True, very true, zombies are often viewed on the silver screen through the mists of deepest night, but consider that checking one's wristwatch isn't something an undead person typically does.

In short? It matters not that you'll be groaning by the light of the sun. Consider that this means your facial expressions will need to be even more ghastly and on point, and your slow-but-persistent gait that much more convincing, with no night mists to add cover.

And consider how nifty it is to spy this nefarious cinema staple, the zombie strut, in such a swanky, culture-rich setting, one that isn't at all stuffy but is rather wickedly fun.

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