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Step Inside an Old-Time Cartoon

Vintage songstress Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys will perform vintage tunes at the 'toons-themed night.



    Step Inside an Old-Time Cartoon
    Thom Foolery
    Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys are asking audience members to dress up, old-time 'toon-like, for a night of music and Max Fleischer cartoons. Polka dot-up at the Steve Allen Theatre on Saturday, Jan. 17.

    If you were tasked with, for whatever outlandish reason, dressing cartoon-style, would you dash right out to the Big Bow Tie Store, which is conveniently located next to the Colorful Suspenders Outlet, which happens to be right behind the Comical Over-Sized Shoes Boutique?

    It isn't the easiest of tasks, unless you're dressing in theme for an old-time black-and-white '30s-era cartoon aesthetic. You just need to go with those two tones, in stripes, polka dots, chevrons, checker patterns or the like and boing! You're there. ("Boing" is, of course, a Very Serious and Official Cartoon Term.)

    Such will be the look at the Trepany House at the Steve Allen Theatre on Saturday, Jan. 17. Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys will be decked out in stark sartorial fashion, ready to play brassy tunes from the '20s, '30s, and 1940s. ("Brassy" is, of course, a Term That We Mean in Two Ways Here — actual horns and the occasional saucy lyric.)

    The local favorites'll be singing from a full-on Toon Set that pays homage to the feel of a Max Fleischer cartoon. Fleischer 'toons will, in fact, be the order of the night, so expect entertainments of both the animated and musicale variety.

    What will a theater full of people gussied up in full black-and-white shirts and pants and dresses and bowler hats and frippery look like? Themed parties, with a specific dress-in-this-hue request, are not unknown, but attendees should really do their best to think "vintage cartoon" when combing their closets.

    Tickets are $20.

    Will you help achieve the feel that the entire crowd in attendance has stepped into a monochromatic cartoon? Probably not quite, but that's okay; real-world logic and rules are hard enough to get a handle on most nights, so living inside a cartoon, and with cartoon logic, is probably a bit more challenging than it looks. Boing!