Family, Friends Seek Closure for Man Killed After Sheriff's Deputy Opened Fire

Friends and family of Kenneth Lewis Jr. are seeking closure after he died when a sheriff's deputy opened fire on Wednesday in Watts.

"I want the person that did this to my nephew - if he's in the wrong - I want him to be prosecuted," Tina Lewis, the victim's aunt said.

Officials were patrolling near the 1300 block of 115th Street, according to Deputy Lisa Jansen of the Sheriff's Information Bureau.

Authorities noticed a suspicious vehicle parked on the wrong side of the street near the Nickerson Gardens apartment complex. Upon approaching Lewis, who was standing near the vehicle, he ran and a chase ensued.

Officials said he was allegedly armed with a firearm, prompting the chase. Lewis was struck once in the upper body then collapsed.

He was taken to the hospital where he died.

"They told me they gave him eight blood transfusions and he was still alive," Nijae McGee said. "(Doctors) never came back and told me anything else."

Activists predict Lewis' family will not get justice, but his relatives are hopeful after they met with sheriffs.

"He has a three-month-old baby that he's not going to be here for," Tina Lewis said. "He was his pride and joy"

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