Case of Man Who Overdosed in Prominent Democratic Donor's Home Reopened

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department reopened the case of a man who died after an overdose of meth at a prominent Democratic donor's house amid pressure from the man's family.

Gemmel Moore, 26, was found dead at Ed Buck's West Hollywood home last month, according to officials.

The coroner ruled the fatal overdose as an accident, but Moore's family are unconvinced, wondering if he was forced to take the drugs or did so voluntarily.

"Accountability is everything," Derrick Nixon, Moore's brother said.

Moore's mother, Latisha Nixon, is seeking immunity for witnesses in an effort to encourage people to come forward with information regarding her son's fatal overdose.

"Ed Buck needs to be stopped," she said. "I need you guys to put pressure on whoever needs to put pressure."

Buck claims his innocence and his attorney released a statement regarding the investigation.

"This is a tragedy," Buck's attorney, Seymour Amster, said. "Mr.Buck had nothing to do with it. No matter how much pressure is put on law enforcement, the answer will remain the same."

Moore was homeless and addicted to drugs, according to his mother. He made a living as a male escort in order to support himself.

"My son needed the money and unfortunately we know the outcome," Latisha Nixon said.

His family was successful in demanding the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department to reopen the case. Authorities said they found no circumstances of foul play, but are assigning several investigators as "an abundance of caution."

"I just want justive for Gemmel," the victim's aunt, Gena Livings said. "We miss him so much. We just want justice for him."

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