Beloved Marionettes to Move: Take a Nostalgic Look Back

The Bob Baker Marionette Theater is leaving its longtime home for "new locations across all of Los Angeles." Coming up? A day-long closing celebration.

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Bob Baker Marionette Theater
Bob Baker Marionette Theater
The Bob Baker Marionette Theater opened in 1963 at the corner of Glendale Boulevard and 1st Street. And oodles of entertaining marionette shows have filled the theater's schedule since that happy moment in time.
Bob Baker Marionette Theater
"Let this be the place where imagination dwells" has been the longtime motto of the 55-year-old theater.
Bob Baker Marionette Theater
Fans can look forward to "expansive programming and partnership series," as well as the Bob Baker Ice Cream Truck.
Howl and Rose Photography
A common and cute scene seen at weekend matinees: Kids sitting on the floor, close to the marionettes, while grown-ups occupied the chairs behind the children.
Howl and Rose Photography
The "Hallowe'en Spooktacular" will run throughout October 2018, meaning supporters can still get to the sweet space, which was also home to several birthday parties and celebrations, in the marionette-filled room adjacent to the main theater space.
Bob Baker Marionette Theater
An early rendering for Bob Baker's theatrical vision. Mr. Baker passed away in 2014, but his work and bright outlook lives on through the efforts and talents of puppeteers, staffers, volunteers, and devoted audience members.
Bob Baker Marionette Theater
Another early rendering for the theater. Where will these legendary marionettes head next? Look to "Bob Baker's Nutcracker" at the Pasadena Playhouse, opening on Nov. 24, 2018.
Bob Baker Marionette Theater
Cheers to you, Bob Baker Marionette Theater. Your longtime venue has been visited by thousands of happy people, but, of course, it isn't the physical place that's the heart of what you are. It's the happiness, the kid-joy, the parent-nostalgia, and all of the marionette-centered artistry that will surely frolic on for years to come.
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