Skier Buried Head Deep in Colorado Avalanche

A helmet camera captured a rescue when a pair of brothers went skiing and one triggered an avalanche

An avalanche that almost completely swallowed an experienced skier who was skiing with his brother and friend on Sunday near Vail, Colo. was captured on video, NBC Colorado’s 9News reports.

Edwin and Davis LaMair were skiing when Edwin apparently triggered the avalanche 800 feet wide, 9News reports. Edwin was dragged face-first over a 20-foot cliff.

“I slid for probably 800 feet and its widest point at the bottom is probably 150 feet,” Edwin LaMair told 9News.

Davis LaMair raced down the hill to find his brother Edwin buried head deep under the snow. A camera attached to his helmet captured his journey down the hill.

“Even though I could breathe I was still panicky and freaked out, because I still couldn’t move any part of my body at all. It was just like being cemented in place with just your face above,” LaMair told 9News.

It only took a few minutes to dig Edwin out, but he suffered a torn ACL and other minor injuries.

The brothers are experienced backcountry skiers and have taken safety courses and had all the proper survival equipment with them.


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You can view the video here.

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