Jason Kandel

When ‘Batman' Comes Knocking, Neighbors Get Scared

When a "caped crusader" came knocking, neighbors got scared.

They say a man dressed as Batman has been harassing them.

Police say they know about him, but their hands are tied.

Redlands police returned Tuesday night to apartments at Citrus and Cook where earlier they questioned and released a man for allegedly disturbing his neighbors.

The behavior continued before police came back.

The man in question rained insults, profanity and racial slurs on fellow residents of the Country Wood apartments.

The man was seen on security camera dressed as Batman who has targeted and tormented them since he moved in two months ago.

The same man, this time not dressed as Batman, was also seen by a doorbell camera at a strangers' front door.

Redlands police were contacted but did not make an arrest. They characterize him as "5150" or mentally ill.

Neighbors say they called police, alleging public nudity and belligerent behavior.

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