Buy a Tail O' the Pup Mug and Help the Eatery's Comeback

The limited-edition cups feature a doggone cute handle and a sweet mission: Bring the frankfurter-y fave back.

Tail O' the Pup

Mugs are sweet 'n humble staples of retro-fied restaurants, those diners where the joe flows and savoring a warm cup of something fortifying feels like the sensible thing to do.

But some bastions of throwback-a-tude aren't known for mugs, cups, and glasses. Rather, these eateries are famous for plastic vessels of the squeeziest variety, the sort of containers that hold mustard, ketchup, and the sorts of tangy condiments a frankfurter fan fancies on their bun.

Tail O' the Pup, that savory superstar stand of yore, was known for its famous franks, those zesty toppings, and its building, the bun-and-dog-shaped fantasia that long graced a fabled spot on La Cienega Boulevard in West Hollywood.

1933 Group

The Pup trotted off several years back, and after a long stay in storage, and plenty of people working to revive it, the legendary hangout is readying for its 2022 re-debut, courtesy of The 1933 Group, the petite eatery's new owners.

But before this wonder of programmatic architecture, which opened in 1946, can make its way back to the number one place in our hearts — though perhaps we mean "bun-der one" — there's a bit more still to do.

Pup next: A new mug is raising funds to help the Pup's progress, one that depicts the bright red and yellow hues associated with the stand, and a cute dog in the place of a handle, too.

It's a limited-edition sort of offering, available through the Tail O' the Pup site, and the price is $49.95. Oh yes: And you'll get an "Adopt a Pup" certificate and snazzy souvenir box, too.

"We've been working our tails off on the revival of LA's most famous hot dog! Wanna help us get to the finish line?" asks a recent post on social media.

"Snag one of these delightful hand-painted mugs today! All proceeds will help fund the finishing touches on Tail o' the Pup and get our doors open THIS SUMMER!"

The Pup's former hope-to-open date had been "early 2022," but all noses are pointed in the direction of the next few months and tails are wagging in anticipation.

Are you a longtime Pupster? Did you use to swing by for a snack back in the day?

Purchase this Pup cup and help the frankfurter favorite go further on its mustard-scented mission, all the way to its much-anticipated summertime opening.

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