Valentine's Day

Mountain Mike's Is Making Its Famous Heart-Shaped Pizzas

The timely offering is returning to the restaurants for the entire month of February, along with other adorable add-ons.

Mountain Mike's Pizza

What to Know

  • Available Feb. 1-28, 2022
  • The price is the same as a "large, one-topping pizza"
  • Locations in Brea, Costa Mesa, and other SoCal cities

The number of foodstuffs that have a distinctive shape?

It's impressively high, but we'll wager that there are far fewer goodies that retain an instantly recognizable character when they take on a different look.

Pizza? This magical meal is way, way up there in this particular category of cuisine.

Yes, it is mostly presented as a round dish, or sometimes a square or a rectangle, but if you shape the dough to look like an apple, or a football, or a hexahedron, you'll still know it is a pizza that sits before you, thanks to the traditional red sauce, melted cheese, and tempting toppings.

Hexahedron-shaped pizzas haven't quite caught on, as a trend, but finding a February-fun pie that boasts the classic and cute form of a heart, the sort of pointy-bottom'd heart seen on greeting cards, is getting easier.

And thank goodness for that, for on Feb. 14?

Sometimes a person doesn't want the whole over-the-top, candlelit to-do, but rather a night spent next to a sweetheart, when you're both in your pajamas, watching something funny, and sharing a few slices of something hot and delicious.

Mountain Mike's has long been at the fanciful forefront of the heart-shaped pizza movement. And so popular are the company's adorable offerings that the eateries make them all month long, starting on Feb. 1.

Which means that, oh marvelous mozzarella, the heart-shaped pies are back, for the next 28 days.

"Oven-baked with love and handmade to order, the heart-shaped pizza comes cut or uncut, topped with one topping of your choice, and is available at the same price as a large, one-topping pizza, which can be enjoyed via carryout, delivery, and dine-in," shares the company.

"The recommended topping for the heart-shaped pizza is Mountain Mike's legendary, crispy curly pepperoni, but guests may select whatever toppings they love most."

Look for "love-shaped pizza boxes" this month (check to see if your local Mountain Mike's has 'em), as well as the chance to share a PDA ("Pizza Display of Affection") on social media for a chance to score a gift card.

Really, almost any food can be shaped into a heart, but when there's a heart-shaped pizza sitting between you and your paramour, and you're both in your pajamas, watching something sweet, Valentine's Day can grow as tasty, and as satisfying, as a toasty slice of crispy curly pepperoni.

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