Musso & Frank Grill Will Reopen in May

Put the martinis on ice: Hollywood's oldest restaurant just revealed when guests will return to its fabled booths.

JonPaul Douglass

What to Know

  • 6667 Hollywood Boulevard
  • Dining room service reopens on Thursday, May 6; the bar will be closed to walk-up orders, but guests can order cocktails at their tables
  • For the first (and only) time ever, Musso's will open on a Monday, May 10, in honor of Mother's Day

Keeping a martini cold?

You'll want to have a bucket of nice ice nearby, and some straight-from-the-fridge olives or onions, too, as well as a few well-chilled spirits.

Keeping a steak hot?

You'll want to plate the fine filet moments after it has left the flame, and make sure it is on the table, and ready for a guest to enjoy, a moment or two after that.

Keeping a timeless restaurant primed for the future during a year-plus pandemic-related closure?

That's not quite as straightforward as the art of making a martini or cooking a chop. But the talented team at Musso & Frank Grill, Hollywood's oldest restaurant, has done just that, all while making sure its treasured employees remained at the heart of the hallowed institution.

Now the big announcement, one that restaurant mavens across the city and beyond have been awaiting, has arrived: The storied Hollywood Boulevard restaurant will reopen on Thursday, May 6.

There's often a twist to a martini, and there's a twist to this tale, too: Mother's Day will occur soon after the eatery's reopening, and, to extend the festive feeling, Musso's will do something it never does, at least not "within recent memory": Open to guests on a Monday.

That's Mother's Day Monday, May 10, but don't grow too used to Monday meals at the old-school destination for flapjacks and filet mignons: It's only happening once.

But something that will be ongoing and strictly followed? A set of safety precautions and guidelines, which are detailed on the restaurant's site.

Capacity will also be limited to 50 percent, so advance reservations are the way to go.

"With our reopening, we're being very careful to ensure that our 100-plus years of tradition won't change at all," said Mark Echeverria, COO and CFO of the restaurant (and a "fourth-generation member of the family of owners," too).

"For instance, our menu will remain as intact as possible — we want to keep all of our original offerings. Another tradition that will return is our focus on handcrafted cocktails, including our signature martinis — stirred, not shaken — James Bond got it wrong!"

"While the bar will remain closed for walk-up service, our guests can still order their favorite beverages and cocktails to be enjoyed at their tables. Most importantly, our style of service, friendly team and finest cuisine are not changing one bit!"

Musso & Frank Grill, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019, stayed connected to its fans during its closure in a number of ways.

A martini tutorial was shared in the spring of 2020, while takeout was offered for a time in the summer (a new thing for the restaurant).

And loyal supporters responded in a big way, both by raising money for Musso & Frank Employee Relief Fund to making purchases, from a beautiful look-back book to elegant cufflinks, at the online Musso's shop (where 25% of the proceeds are being donated to the fund).

That big green sign, the instantly recognizable one seen in films like "Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood" and a host of food shows, is looking brighter these days. For the martinis are on ice, the steaks will soon be on the grill, and one of our city's most enduring landmarks will be back in early May.

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