‘Paul Revere Was Here': LA Conservancy Honors a Visionary

Take a virtual tour of the local buildings created by architect Paul R. Williams, and join a virtual panel discussion.

LA Conservancy

What to Know

  • Paul Revere Was Here: On the Trail of L.A.'s Legendary Architect Paul R. Williams
  • Wednesdays, April 14, 28, and May 12, 26 at 6:00 p.m.; a panel discussion is set for April 15
  • The virtual tours are $25 members, $30 general public

Every structure tells a moving and memorable story, and, unlike the other tales we love, recall, or think we know, these stories regularly return to our fields of vision day after day, each and every time we pass them, enter them, live in them, call them home.

You could, in fact, call architecture a field of vision, for the artists who create skyward, block-beautiful, arch-amazing portals into other places admirably embrace the fact that they're writing a large-scale "book" of sorts with each new building they design.

Los Angeles was so lucky to have lauded architect Paul Revere Williams as one of its major storytellers, a true visionary within this expansive and forward-looking field of vision.

LA Conservancy, our city's preservation organization, is celebrating the pioneer, "one of the country's greatest architects," with virtual events and tours in April and May.

The great architect's "... career spanned almost 60 years, and his versatile buildings can be found across Los Angeles County," shared the group. "He was also a remarkable trailblazer. As a Black man in the field of architecture, he persevered in the face of racism to achieve remarkable success."

To celebrate that success, and to give architecture-loving Angelenos both an at-home and out-and-about treat, LA Conservancy is presenting "Paul Revere Was Here: On the Trail of L.A.'s Legendary Architect Paul R. Williams" over four springtime Wednesdays.

Not only is it a fantastic way to get to know the background of some of the buildings created by Mr. Williams, from the 28th Street Apartments to Golden State Mural Life Insurance, but people who sign up for the virtual tours will also receive a self-guided driving tour, giving them a chance to visit and connect with these Southern California spots on their own.

Adding to the celebration? An informative panel discussion on April 15.

Karen E. Hudson, the granddaughter of Paul R. Williams, and a host of "notable experts" will discuss the architect's career, his life, and the lasting impact his vision has made for both the locals who regularly admire, live in, work in, and enjoy these buildings, as well as architects, artists, and visionaries everywhere.

Great news, too: There's a student field trip dimension, too, to this multi-week tribute. If you're an educator, find out how to sign up now.

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