Pumpkin-Shaped Pizzas Crop up at Fresh Brothers

They're not pumpkin-flavored, but they do have an autumn-y appearance, one that says Halloween, one of our pizza-iest holidays, is near.

Fresh Brothers

What to Know

  • Through Nov. 30, 2020
  • Signature and build-your-own large pizzas on original crust
  • No additional cost to request a pumpkin shape

First things first, fanciful-food-loving fall fans: There are pumpkin pizzas in this world, as in sweet pizzas that taste like actual pumpkin or boast real pumpkin as a topping.

But those pies?

They're typically seen at dessert, when pumpkin-spicier fare is what we desire, and definitely not at the dinner table.

Where, though, can you find a pumpkin-looking pizza for your main meal?

A cheese-melted, pepperoni-laden pizza that's pumpkin-like in appearance only, the perfect main course for your Halloween supper or autumn picnic?

No more circling the vine on this topic: Fresh Brothers has created a savory pie that boasts the classic squash shape of the seed-filled symbol of Halloween and none of the taste of actual pumpkin.

The flavors?

Worry not: Your pizza will taste like pizza, the sort of slice-it-up snack that is topped with sausage, cheese, onions, olives, or all of the above.

You can order your filling pie either signature or build-your-own and request that the pizza take on the shape of a pumpkin, and here's the sweetest part: You won't pay extra for this special request.

Also nice and nifty?

The pumpkin-shaped pizzas can be delivered, or you can order one if you dine at your local Fresh Brothers. Carryout and delivery orders are included, too, just in case that's how you'd like to gather your gourd-inspired goodie.

And if the luck o' Halloween is with you, you may find a BOO Bag included with your order. The treat bags are showing up "randomly" with deliveries, and some even include $20 VIP dining cards.

The heart-shaped pizzas seen around Valentine's Day seem like a long, long time ago, it's true.

But here's something to make your Halloween, your Thanksgiving, and your fall season even cheesier: a pizza pie with a "stem" on top, all to deliver autumn vines, er, vibes to your next fun meal.

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