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Rooftop Cinema Club Reopens in DTLA

Savor cinematic bonbons under the stars, as the glittery cityscape adds a beautiful backdrop.

Rooftop Cinema Club

What to Know

  • The film series is back at LEVEL in DTLA starting on April 6, 2022
  • "La La Land" is the first film of the series; a lounge seat is $19.50, a lounge seat + popcorn is $22.50; parking is $15
  • "West Side Story (2021)," "Jurassic Park," and "Friday" are all ahead

We might all approach the idea of lounging, or lounge-ability, or lounge-iness from different routes, with different notions in mind.

For some, lounging means a comfy couch or chair or the softest hoodie or pants rocking an elastic waistband. Lounge-ability can also involve luscious treats, the right lighting, or the perfect pal at your side.

But however we feel, we surely feel this: If you're watching a movie, especially a favorite film that fills you with emotion, joy, and all the feels, you're going to want some lounge-strong elements at the center of the experience, an experience that is made better when comfort and coziness are involved.

Rooftop Cinema Club understands our love of lounge, and while the series presents beloved and popular films in an outdoor, up-high setting, it lines up the lounge chairs, so people can literally kick back, put their head back, and soak in a cinematic treat they adore.

Or, perhaps, they're seeing for the first time, even if the movie debuted a decade or two ago.

And to up the lounge-loveliness of spring's first full month, the alfresco film pop-up is returning to DTLA, at LEVEL, its former haunt.

Opening night is April 6, "La La Land" is the flick, and there shall be other goodies to follow, with the new "West Side Story" on April 7 and "Jurassic Park" on April 8.

Just want a lounge chair? That's yours, for $19.50. Want to do popcorn plus your lounge-y seat? The ticket is $22.50. And if you park at LEVEL, that has a $15 fee.

There's a "light food menu" to peruse and purchase from, but going the BYO route, snack-wise, is completely and totally and utterly permitted, so begin plotting your snackbaggery now.

Spring is nigh, which means summer is nigh-ish, and outdoor films will be returning with a festive force.

Start that sweetness early, with a relax-centered dose of lounge-a-tude, when Rooftop Cinema Club returns to DTLA with a line-up of lounge-ready, feel-good, savor-a-smile gems.

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