We Love You, National Pizza Day, Forever and Always

Wherever you are, whatever you are eating, chances are you've got an eye for pie.

A file photo of pepperoni pizza.
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What to Know

  • National Pizza Day is Feb. 9
  • Several SoCal spots are making heart-shaped pizzas right now
  • Yelp is hiring a "Chief Pizza Officer"

Drinks may delight us with their fizzy characters and sweet natures, snacks may enthrall us with their crunch-ability and fun flavors, and the noshables we turn to when we want a quick bite of something?

They're always there for us, in a pleasant pinch.

But pizzas are our profoundest pals, those dining delights that we do seem to love on a deeper and more layered level.

You only need to glance at the calendar of national food holidays to see that pizza has not only one celebration, but several, for pepperoni pizza, cheese pizza, sausage pizza, and Pizza With the Works (Except Anchovies) all getting their special days.

But there are a couple of more general days devoted to our favorite cheesy pies, and they both arrive in the latter part of winter.

Pi Day, of course, is on March 14, and the specials seen in our favorite parlors and pizzerias do proliferate like toppings on a stuffed-crust XL supreme.

But Feb. 9 is National Pizza Day, and you can see its appetizing effects in several places, from the places making heart-shaped pies for Valentine's Day to Yelp, which has put out the call for a "Chief Pizza Officer."

Oh yes, that's a thing, so if you're "an authority on all things pizza," and you'd like to be paid well, start here to see if you're a flavorful fit.

As for the place to buy a heart-shaped pizza? Mickey's Deli in Hermosa Beach, Mountain Mike's, and California Pizza Kitchen are all offering the adorable take on the saucy, slice-it-up favorite.

There are deals afoot on Feb. 9. too, including half-off half a pizza at Triple Beam Pizza in Echo Park and Highland Park (you'll want to use the code PIZZADAY). The deal? You can't use it via Caviar or DoorDash, do note.

Plenty of pizza chains will have perks and freebies, too, including Round Table Pizza, where new loyalty members will get a "mystery reward" for signing up (yep, savings are involved).

There are fresh finds, too, around town, including the brand-new Piccini in Torrance, a new pizza-fun, sandwich-strong take-out from the family behind Gaetano's Restaurant, a longtime local favorite.

And The Pizza Cupcake, of New York City? The Shark Tank favorite is popping up in Los Angeles on Saturday, Feb. 12, and you can find out where, if you keep an eye on The Pizza Cupcake's social feed.

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