Del Mar, Off the Track

The racing season is just a few weeks away, and there's as much happening off the track as on. Have your fancy hat ready?

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Del Mar Racetrack
Del Mar Racetrack opens on Wednesday, July 17 and trots through Wednesday, Sept. 4. Have your fancy hat ready?
Del Mar Racetrack
Del Mar Racetrack opens for the season on Wednesday, July 17. And while the ponies are what everyone wants to see, there's a lot happening off the track. Exhibit A? Big hats.
Del Mar Racetrack
The Del Mar concerts are, yep, very well-attended. Ben Harper played last year and this year? The B-52s, Steel Pulse, and Weezer will rock out.
Del Mar Racetrack
Kidly to-dos and a Family Fun Day are on the Del Mar calendar.
Del Mar Racetrack
Getting a little dressy, especially for open day, is par for the Del Mar course.
Del Mar Racetrack
And hats, naturally.
Del Mar Racetrack
Many, many hats. The key to a perfect Del Mar chapeau? Think big.
Del Mar Racetrack
The racetrack has long been a haunt of Hollywood stars. Like Ava Gardner...
Del Mar Racetrack
...and Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.
Del Mar Racetrack
But you don't have to be famous to draw a little attention. Just make sure there is a lot going on above your face (feathers and small fake birds are always a plus).
And the occasional flamingo, of course.
Del Mar Racetrack
And to round out the Del Mar scene? Food trucks, naturally. The Del Mar Racetrack opens on Wednesday, July 17 and clip-clops through Wednesday, Sept. 4.
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