You’ll Like This a Latke

PTA mom Linda Hausberg built a business by making a traditional dish current with these appetizer-sized latkes. Linda's Gourmet Latkes are enjoying the "Oprah effect" after making it into O Magazine's "favorite Things" issue.

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Jennifer Bjorklund
They're a yummy bite-sized version of the traditional Hanukkah treat that can be topped with just about anything.
Jennifer Bjorklund
Linda Hausberg figured out if she fried them a little bit before freezing them, you can finish the job in a very hot oven and it's just like they're straight out of the pan.
She's also experimenting with new recipes, like a sweet potato latke.
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Linda says if you make latkes at home and your shredded potatoes start to turn brown, put them in cold water and the brown goes away! Always squeeze them out, and then squeeze them out again right before you put them in the oil.
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Latkes are simple enough to make, but Linda says people like to buy hers because they don't smoke up the whole house with that deep-fryer smell.
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When she started her business in 2004, she used to fry the latkes on the barbecue burners in the back yard for that exact reason.
Linda's latke journey started when she was in charge of the casserole sale for her daughter's school. She thought about latkes too late and sent an email offering them for sale, and got more than 100 orders in a few days.
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You'll see her label in Costco, where they offer full-sized latkes for sale, and also at Gelson's, Whole Foods, and Vicente Market. The latkes she makes for Williams Sonoma and Harry & David put their own labels on, as does Neiman Marcus.
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Business has been brisk since Oprah discovered LInda's Famous Latke's and put them in O Magazine's "favorite things" issue.
The sky's the limit for these bite sized beauties. These have a goat cheese topping with pomegranate arils.
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Guacamole, lox and spicy tuna are also delicious toppings and easy to put together for a party. Visit <a href=""><b>Linda’s Gourmet Latkes</b></a> for information.
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