Feast Your Eyes: Yummy Bites at Disney California Adventure's Food and Wine Fest

Are your eyes as big as your stomach? Disney California Adventure's Food and Wine Festival is on -- and boy is the food looking good. There are options as simple as smoked mac and cheese or as palate-challenging as a dark chocolate artichoke cake pop. Park guests can buy all these items individually but annual pass holders are offered a a "sip and savor pass" at the park for $45. With it you can try eight items of your choice. You also collect an annual pass pin with each stop! We put NBC4's meteorologist Shanna Mendiola's pass to good use and as she ate all day in between rides. The fest runs March 10 to April 16 celebrating "California spring with unforgettable cuisine, beverages and events," so the Disney blog reads. Until you can get over to Anaheim, look at the bites that will leave you with the happiest mouth on Earth:

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Shanna Mendiola
What's better than Disney and food? The 2017 Disney California Adventure's Food and Wine Festival boasted Korean BBQ beef short rib tacos, dark chocolate artichoke cake pops, and more. (Published Monday, March 27, 2017.)
Shanna Mendiola
White cheddar lager soup served in a mini Boudin sourdough boule.
Shanna Mendiola
Grilled beef tenderloin slider with garlic chimichurri sauce.
Shanna Mendiola
Dark chocolate artichoke cake pop.
Shanna Mendiola
Chilled Cioppino soup with shrimp and crab claw.
Shanna Mendiola
Salmon tataki.
Shanna Mendiola
Maple bacon whoopie pie. This is like two baby pancakes filled with cream cheese and an apple jam surprise.
Shanna Mendiola
Meyer lemon macaron with blueberry marmalade.
Shanna Mendiola
Smoked bacon mac and cheese.
Shanna Mendiola
Braised Wagyu beef on creamy polenta.
Shanna Mendiola
Passion fruit posset and coconut chia with mango passion compote. This was our team's pic for favorite.
Shanna Mendiola
Korean BBQ beef short rib tacos with kimchi slaw.
Stacey Marie Sanchez
Garlic rosemary avocado oil ice cream pop, sirloin chimichurri slider, and a black garlic and soy glazed pork belly bao.
Angie Delgadillo
"So many delicious options!! These were my faves, sweet corn nuggets with beef chili & white cheddar lager soup served in a mini Boudin sourdough boule!!" NBC4 viewers shared their favorites from the fest.
Mallory Elizabeth MacPherson McClintock
"The Sip & Savor pass for passholders is well worth the $45. There are 8 tabs you can redeem to get food and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the Food & Wine Fesitval. When you redeem a tab, you get a special AP pin, too," said NBC4 Facebook follower Mallory. Mallory Elizabeth MacPherson McClintock
Amy Cobbs-Gill
"Mimosa Flight! Pear, Apricot, and Mango Mimosas (Mango was my favorite)," said NBC4 Facebook follower Amy Cobbs-Gill.
Mallory Elizabeth MacPherson McClintock
Braised Wagyu Beef on Creamy Polenta from The Onion Lair
Mallory Elizabeth MacPherson McClintock
"My little one tried his parfait from LA Style.... fresh strawberry compote, lemon verbena, and vanilla bean shortcake," NBC4 Facebook follower Mallory said.
Carolina Poblano
"This was amazing!" said NBC4 Facebook follower Carolina.
Mallory Elizabeth MacPherson McClintock
"Of course the Anaheim Beer Flight was my husband's favorite."
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