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Huzzah: It's Ren Faire Time

Jousts, turkey legs, and tights: You know what's going down, SoCal.



    Huzzah: It's Ren Faire Time
    Joe Foley
    Dress up, history, fantasy, and outlandishness meet at the Original Renaissance Faire, which opens in Irwindale on Saturday, April 5. It runs every weekend through May 18.

    Here's the thing about a good ye-olden-time-y festival: The merrymakers who show up in elaborate dresses and clanky knight costumes and ribbon-bedecked hats didn't just throw them together on opening morning.

    No ma'am: Renaissance play is a full-on, year-round lifestyle for many people, fantasy-happy revelers who regularly costume up for smaller gatherings and events. It's a Thing, capital T, and thank goodness. Isn't our world lacking in Things that bring total pleasure? More Things, please.

    Smaller dress-up occasions abound, but the biggest, the grandest, the joustiest of all the wayback extravaganzas? It's the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire, which bows, like a courtier before a queen, in Irwindale on Saturday, April 5.

    Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area, to be exact. We make fond mention of the participants' all-year-long Renaissance devotion because of this principal reason: Their on-going commitment to the period and style brings a ton of flavor to Ren Faire.

    A ton. You'll see royals, bards, musicians, masters of various crafts all plying their various trades (or, in the royals' case, swanning about the grounds, royally). In short, the castles-and-quips to-dos are plentiful.

    There shall be artisan items for purchase -- you know you want a leather satchel that looks like it time-machined straight outta 1595 -- and games and rides and entertainments galore. Fruit ices and sausages lend some culinary color. And will there be turkey legs, the edible emblem of Renaissance faires everywhere?

    Please. We're kind of a little miffed you even asked that.

    And let it never be said that a festival devoted to centuries long gone can't swing with the new stuff. There is, indeed, fresh additions, like a beer map. Uh, can we get a huzzah? Right on. Other au courant happenings will dot the tried-and-true goings-on the party is known for.

    Oh, and Ren Faire is weekends only, through May 17. Don't show up at Santa Fe Dam in your big ruff and dress on, like a Wednesday afternoon. Or do? It's your choice. We're just saying it'll be closed, so what you choose to do from there, with the remainder of your Wednesday, while rocking your Queen Elizabeth the First gown, is up to you.

    Tickets, turkey legs, and revelries are right this way, past-loving person.

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