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Pursuing an MBA or Executive MBA is not only an investment in education but also a significant economic investment. Before embarking on the journey towards a business degree, you should fully understand which business school gives you more than just the traditional MBA toolkit, equips you with resources to transform your career, and enables you to thrive in today's dynamic business environment.


Does the curriculum ensure balance between theory and practice?

A great business school will prepare you to do business today through relevant curriculum in line with global, technical, and cultural trends in the real world. Keep in mind, courses based on global experiential outcomes nurture entrepreneurial talents and foster critical thinking should be prioritized. A teaching method that thoughtfully combines case study with texts and up-to-date business topics from projects and internships is best and ideal to achieve a thorough business education. Hence, it is critically important to review course curriculum at your prospective business schools to ensure you'd obtain a real hands-on experience in subjects of interest.


Does it offer MBA concentrations?

When you know exactly which career path you want, working toward an MBA with a specialization is highly encouraged. Whether finance, marketing, IT management, or another desired field, make sure the school you are considering offers the right concentration for you.


Does it have a leading and diverse faculty?

One of the best ways to learn is to be taught by someone who’s done it themselves. Your professors should be experts and recognized industry leaders who effectively teach aspiring business leaders from firsthand experience. Likewise, great business schools will reflect the world outside their campuses within their own leadership. The unique perspective of a diverse faculty will influence curriculum and offer a range of angles to approach your studies. So be sure to learn about faculty for programs in consideration as most professors and teaching assistants’ resumes are available online.


Is their MBA program flexible enough for you?

As a busy professional, you want — and sometimes need — flexibility in scheduling your classes. A good MBA program will fit your life and needs as you forge your future through various class formats including online, in person, or a mixture of both to maximize your time as a business student and working professional. For even greater convenience, look for an institution that has different locations throughout the state, allowing ease of access to campus and options. Keep in mind that the location of your business school has long-term implications for the location of your personal network.


Are there opportunities to build a professional network?

If there isn't significant exposure to networks within and outside of the private sector and you aren’t able to build a strong network, you’re going to fall far behind your peers in a wide variety of ways. That's why you need to factor networking opportunities into your decision of where to enroll. Contact the admissions departments of the school you're interested to ask their staff what types of opportunities are available. Schools often organize events with special guests or at various institutions, all aimed at building relationships, mentorships, peer-to-peer collaboration, etc, that could change the course of your entire career.



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