2020 Elections

  • 2020 Elections Jan 22

    Hillary Clinton Sued by Tulsi Gabbard for Defamation

    Democratic Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard filed a defamation lawsuit in a New York federal court against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claiming $50 million in damages

  • 2020 Elections Jan 20

    Confusion Over New Law Could Threaten Young Voter Turnout in NH

    A new voting law in New Hampshire is causing confusion among college students, threatening to dampen turnout among a key Democratic voting bloc in a state where the margins of victory in 2020 could be razor-thin, NBC News reported. The law, known as House Bill 1264, requires students and other transient people to pay New Hampshire motor vehicle licensing and registration…

  • 2020 Elections Jan 15

    Warren-Sanders Rift Has Progressives Nervous About Fallout

    For nearly a year, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders pushed strongly progressive ideas into the Democratic primary spotlight, feeding off each other to build support for proposals long dismissed as radically leftist: “Medicare for All,” tuition-free college and a “Green New Deal” to combat climate change. Now the race’s most progressive candidates are fighting over the politics of gender, and...

  • 2020 Elections Jan 15

    Key Moments from the January Democratic Debate

    Six of the Democratic presidential contenders took the stage in Des Moines, Iowa, to debate one last time before the Iowa caucuses. Here are some of the quotes that stood out from the debate Tuesday night.

  • Donald Trump Jan 3

    Wag the Dog? Twitter Resurrects Trump’s Tweets Predicting Obama Would Attack Iran to Win Re-Election

    Wag the Dog conspiracies erupted on social media after the United States killed Iran’s top military commander and years-old posts from Donald Trump surfaced accusing then President Barack Obama of preparing to go to war with Iraq to win re-election.

  • Donald Trump Jan 2

    Trump Campaign Says It Raised $46 Million in 4th Quarter, Dwarfing Democrats’ Hauls

    President Donald Trump’s campaign announced on Thursday that it raised $46 million in the final quarter of 2019, which is far bigger than any quarterly total announced so far by any Democratic candidate.

  • Bernie Sanders Jan 2

    Bernie Sanders Raises $34.5M in 2019’s Final Quarter, Touts 5 Million Donations for Campaign

    Bernie Sanders says he raised more than $34.5 million in the final three months of last year, showing that a recent heart attack hasn’t slowed the Vermont senator’s fundraising prowess with the start of the Democratic presidential primaries looming. Sanders’ campaign said Thursday that the haul came from more than 1.8 million donations, including 40,000 new donors on the final...

  • 2020 Elections Jan 2

    As More Women Run for Office, Child Care Remains a Hurdle

    When Kimberly Dudik ran for her fourth term in the Montana House, state officials told her she could not use campaign money to pay for child care for her four young children.

  • 2020 Elections Dec 30, 2019

    2020 Watch: Messy Primary Finally Meets Election Year

    Former Vice President Joe Biden leads in most national polls of Democratic primary voters as the 2020 election year begins, but there’s a four-way Democratic jumble in Iowa and New Hampshire. Democrats are making their final fundraising pushes for 2019. Several candidates are trying to keep up financially as billionaire Michael Bloomberg floods the race with his personal fortune. Sen....

  • 2020 Elections Dec 27, 2019

    Spotify Suspends Political Ads for 2020

    Spotify has become the latest tech company to enter the conversation around political ads, announcing Friday it will suspend them at the beginning of 2020. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, however, Spotify refrained from offering its perspective on political advertising, saying that the decision is the result of the music-streaming company not having sufficient tools to vet the ads. “At this point in time,...

  • Twitter Dec 13, 2019

    Twitter Brings Back Election Labels for 2020 US Candidates

    Twitter is bringing back special labels to help users identify accounts and tweets from U.S. political candidates....


    The company, which first used such labels for the midterms last year, said it is trying to provide users with original sources of information and prevent spoofed and fake accounts from fooling voters....


    Many political candidates already have blue checkmarks to indicate that Twitter has...

  • Elizabeth Warren Dec 12, 2019

    Warren Slams Moderate Rivals, Laying Bare Ideological Divide

    Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Warren is lashing out at her moderate Democratic rivals seeking the White House. She says they naively accept Republican calls for unity instead of standing up to the rich and too quickly bend to the whims of their own wealthy donors. Warren didn’t name-drop former Vice President Joe Biden or South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete...

  • Joe Biden Dec 12, 2019

    Biden Returns to Southland on Fundraising Swing

    Former Vice President Joe Biden is scheduled to be in the Los Angeles area Wednesday night to attend at least two fundraisers in support of his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. Details of the Biden for President events were not released by thecampaign, which indicated only that he would attend “finance events in LosAngeles and Santa Monica.” The visit…

  • Pete Buttigieg Dec 9, 2019

    Consulting Firm Allows Buttigieg to Release Names of Clients

    The McKinsey consulting firm says that it will allow Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg to release the identities of the clients he served when he worked for them a decade ago. McKinsey said in a statement Monday that it had informed Buttigieg that he could reveal information about the organizations he served from 2007 to 2010. Buttigieg had been under...

  • Dec 6, 2019

    Warren, Buttigieg Scrap Puts Democratic Divide on Display

    Elizabeth Warren has spent weeks absorbing attacks from moderate rivals looking to blunt her surging campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. Now, as the Massachusetts senator risks losing momentum, she’s starting to hit back. After a Democratic Party fundraiser in Boston on Thursday night, Warren blasted Pete Buttigieg, who is emerging as a leading moderate candidate in the lead-off...

  • Dec 5, 2019

    Biden Calls Iowa Voter ‘Damn Liar’ Over Ukraine Question

    Former Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden had a heated exchange with an Iowa voter on Thursday while on the campaign trail, calling the man a ‘damn liar’.

  • Dec 6, 2019

    Biden Snaps at Voter in Iowa After Receiving Kerry Endorsement

    Joe Biden sought to capitalize on President Donald Trump’s icy reception from world leaders by portraying himself on Thursday as someone who is well versed in foreign affairs and can restore American prestige abroad. But his moves risked being overshadowed by a testy confrontation with a voter in Iowa. As he nears the end of an eight-day tour of...

  • Dec 5, 2019

    Andrew Yang Campaign Notified FBI About Emailed Death Threats

    Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s campaign has been in contact with the FBI about emailed death threats about the hopeful and his staff and supporters, NBC News confirmed Tuesday. The Hill reported earlier Tuesday that the Yang campaign reached out to the FBI about the threats during the candidate’s latest swing through New Hampshire. A Yang campaign official said that it received...

  • Dec 4, 2019

    Harvard Law Professor Feldman: ‘The Words Abuse of Office Are Not Mystical or Magical’

    Harvard Law Professor Noah Feldman testifies before the House Judiciary Committee on why he thinks President Donald Trump’s actions are impeachable.

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