Abandoned West Adams Hospital Now Houses Fine Art

An abandoned West Adams hospital has been temporarily transformed into an art space. The exhibit titled "Human Condition" explores the "existential question of our existence," according to curator John Wolf.

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Gintare Bandinskaite
"Human Condition" is a unique opportunity to experience artwork outside the confines of a typical art space, according to the exhibit's website.
Gintare Bandinskaite
Works are displayed throughout the abandoned hospital's 40,000 square feet, among the surgical rooms, maternity wards, a psychiatric floor and cafeteria.
Gintare Bandinskaite
"Boy" is a Matt Wedel ceramic sculpture from 2011 on display at "Human Condition."
Gintare Bandinskaite
In what was once a nursery on the first floor, the now empty room features a faded mural of bunny rabbits juxtaposed with the image of a screaming man.
Gintare Bandinskaite
The exhibit features a pink room installation by Christopher Reynolds.
Gintare Bandinskaite
In the bathroom corner, a sculpture by Tony Matelli sprouts up from the ground.
Gintare Bandinskaite
The abandoned West Adams hospital closed amid revelations of criminal mismanagement and insurance fraud in 2013. The "Human Condition" exhibit is open from Oct. 1 to Nov. 30, 2016.
Gintare Bandinskaite
Paintings, sculptures and installation works by more than 80 artists decorate the hospital's various rooms.
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