• impeachment Dec 31, 2019

    Judge Dismisses Impeachment Suit From Ex-White House Aide

    A federal judge on Monday dismissed a lawsuit from a former White House official who had challenged a congressional subpoena in the impeachment inquiry involving President Donald Trump.

  • Congress Nov 26, 2019

    Lawyer: Impeachment-Related Ruling on McGahn Doesn't Extend to Bolton, Deputy

    John Bolton’s attorney suggested Tuesday that a court order directing former White House counsel Don McGahn to appear before Congress has no bearing on whether his client and another ex-national security official he represents will testify. The statement from attorney Charles Cooper aimed to blunt public speculation that the judge’s order in the McGahn case could influence the actions of...

  • Donald Trump Nov 13, 2019

    Mulvaney Won't Sue Over Impeachment, Declines to Cooperate

    White House acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said Tuesday that he no longer plans to sue over the House impeachment proceedings and will instead follow President Donald Trump’s directions and decline to cooperate. It’s the latest reversal in position by Mulvaney, who last week asked to join the lawsuit of another Trump adviser before changing his mind Monday and...

  • Donald Trump Nov 8, 2019

    John Bolton's Lawyer Says He Has New ‘Relevant' Information on Ukraine

    President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser John Bolton was “personally involved in many of the events, meetings, and conversations” at the heart of the House impeachment inquiry, “as well as many relevant meetings and conversations that have not yet been discussed” publicly, his lawyer revealed Friday. Bolton attorney Charles Cooper made the disclosure to the House’s general counsel in...

  • Congress Oct 31, 2019

    Bolton Summoned; 1st Big Vote Set on Impeachment Probe

    House investigators are asking former national security adviser John Bolton to testify in their impeachment inquiry, deepening their reach into the White House as the probe accelerates toward a potential vote to remove the president. Democratic lawmakers want to hear next week from Bolton, the hawkish former adviser who openly sparred over the administration’s approach to Ukraine — in particular,...

  • Congress Oct 30, 2019

    Colonel Testifies He Raised Concerns About Ukraine, Trump

    Defying White House orders, an Army officer serving with President Donald Trump’s National Security Council testified to impeachment investigators Tuesday that he twice raised concerns over the administration’s push to have Ukraine investigate Democrats and Joe Biden. Alexander Vindman, a lieutenant colonel who served in Iraq and later as a diplomat, is the first official to testify who actually heard...

  • Congress Oct 29, 2019

    House Democrats Plan 1st Formal Vote on Impeachment Inquiry

    House Democrats are laying the groundwork for the next phase of their impeachment inquiry with a vote this week on a resolution to affirm the investigation, set rules for public hearings and outline the potential process for writing articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced a vote on the resolution, which would be the first...

  • Donald Trump Oct 26, 2019

    Ex-Trump Aide Wants Judge to Decide on Impeachment Testimony

    An ex-White House adviser who’s supposed to testify before House impeachment investigators on Monday has asked a federal court whether he should comply with a subpoena or follow President Donald Trump’s directive against cooperating in what he dubs a “scam.” After getting a subpoena Friday, former deputy national security adviser Charles Kupperman quickly filed suit in U.S. district court in...

  • Donald Trump Oct 26, 2019

    Trump Official Asks Judge If He Has to Testify in Impeachment Probe

    Charles Kupperman, President Donald Trump’s former deputy national security adviser, filed a lawsuit Friday asking a federal judge to determine whether he is required to testify in the impeachment inquiry being conducted by the House of Representatives, NBC News reports. The outcome could affect the ability of other witnesses who worked closely with the president to cooperate with the ongoing...

  • Donald Trump Oct 12, 2019

    Anatomy of the Phone Call Now Imperiling Trump's Presidency

    There were dozens of ears listening to President Donald Trump’s 30-minute phone call with the leader of Ukraine that is at the center of a House impeachment inquiry , and as many eyes that saw what he said. White House staffers, working in the secure, soundproof Situation Room in the West Wing basement, listened in and chronicled the conversation ....

  • California Oct 2, 2019

    Dems Talk Impeachment Process as Trump Lashes Out

    President Donald Trump, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif, and Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., each addressed the media on Wednesday to talk about the ongoing impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives.

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