• Donald Trump Oct 14, 2019

    What's Next in the Impeachment Inquiry as Congress Returns

    Congress is returning from a two-week recess on Tuesday, but some lawmakers barely left Washington. Three House committees investigating impeachment worked through the break, issuing multiple subpoenas and holding depositions with State Department officials relevant to the inquiry. Democrats are investigating President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine and exploring whether he abused his office by seeking dirt from a foreign...

  • Donald Trump Oct 11, 2019

    Appeals Court Upholds Congress' Subpoena of Trump Financial Records

    A federal appeals court has ruled that President Donald Trump’s financial records must be turned over to the House of Representatives. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit said Friday that lawmakers should get the documents they have subpoenaed from Mazars USA. The firm has provided accounting services to Trump.

  • Los Angeles Aug 14, 2019

    21 States Sue Trump Administration Over New Coal Rules

    A coalition of 21 Democratic-led states sued the Trump administration Tuesday over its decision to ease restrictions on coal-fired power plants, with California’s governor saying the president is trying to rescue an outdated industry. In June, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency eliminated the agency’s Clean Power Plan and replaced it with a new rule that gives states more leeway in...

  • American Civil Liberties Union Jun 14, 2019

    Appeals Court: Trump Administration Can't Block Abortions for Undocumented Minors

    A federal appeals court in Washington ruled Friday against a Trump administration policy it described as a “blanket ban” preventing immigrant teens in government custody from getting abortions, and it kept in place an order blocking the policy. The policy, which dates to 2017, prohibited shelters from facilitating abortions for children held in government shelters after entering the country illegally....

  • American Civil Liberties Union Apr 3, 2019

    Border Shelters Swamped By Child Migrant Influx

    Two shelters on opposite sides of the U.S. – Mexico border have teamed up to deal with the arrival of more than 50 unaccompanied migrant children over the past week.

  • Donald Trump Feb 6, 2019

    Trump Judicial Pick: ‘I Cringe' at Past Remarks on Date Rape

    President Donald Trump’s nominee to replace Brett Kavanaugh on a high-profile appeals court said Tuesday she cringes at some of the language she used as a college student in writing about sexual assault, race and equal rights for women. Neomi Rao told the Senate Judiciary Committee that writings in which she criticized affirmative action and suggested that intoxicated women were...

  • Donald Trump Nov 29, 2018

    Fact Check: Trump Misuses Data in 9th Circuit Attack

    President Donald Trump wrongly tweeted that the largest federal appellate court, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, is “overturned more than any circuit in the country, 79%.” During the 2017 term, the Supreme Court reviewed just 15 of the thousands of cases ruled on by the 9th Circuit, which covers nearly a dozen Western states and territories....

  • adviser Nov 26, 2018

    Ex-Trump Campaign Adviser Papadopoulos Reports to Prison

    Former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos began serving his two-week prison sentence on Monday after a judge rejected his last-minute bid to remain free. Papadopoulos arrived at a minimum-security camp in Oxford, Wisconsin, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Papadopoulos, the first campaign aide sentenced in Mueller’s investigation, triggered the Russia investigation two years ago. He was...

  • adviser Nov 26, 2018

    Ex-Trump Campaign Adviser George Papadopoulos Loses Bid to Delay Prison Sentence

    A federal judge on Sunday rejected a last-minute bid by former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos to delay his two-week prison term and ordered him to surrender Monday as scheduled. Papadopoulos sought the delay until an appeals court had ruled in a separate case challenging the constitutionality of special counsel Robert Mueller’s appointment. But in an order Sunday,...

  • Donald Trump Oct 3, 2018

    Christine Blasey Ford, Kavanaugh Testimony May Trigger Trauma In Sex Assault Victims

    The media storm surrounding the sexual assault allegations by Christine Blasey Ford against Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court nomination process has become a spectacle with 24/7 news coverage. To some survivors of sexual assault and victims of abuse, the hearings and testimony may trigger trauma. “People who have been sexually traumatized will try to avoid anything that will be...

  • Brett Kavanaugh Sep 27, 2018

    Ford: Attackers' Laughter Is Clearest Memory of Assault

    During the confirmation hearing for Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, Christine Blasey Ford told Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., that Kavanaugh’s and his friend Mark Judge’s laughter during her alleged assaulted, remains her clearest memory of that moment.

  • Elizabeth Warren Sep 6, 2018

    Fact Check: Kavanaugh on the Affordable Care Act

    Several Democratic senators have claimed that Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s history shows he would be a danger on the court to the Affordable Care Act. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said on Aug. 28 on the Senate floor: “Judge Kavanaugh has written opinions skeptical of our health care law, reproductive rights, and even the contraception coverage requirement.” The criticisms have...

  • Donald Trump Aug 3, 2018

    With Scant Record, Supreme Court Nominee Elusive on Abortion

    Twice in the past year, Brett Kavanaugh offered glimpses of his position on abortion that strongly suggest he would vote to support restrictions if confirmed to the Supreme Court. One was in a dissent in the case of a 17-year-old migrant seeking to terminate her pregnancy. The other was a speech before a conservative group in which he spoke admiringly...

  • Donald Trump Jul 31, 2018

    Democrat Manchin Undecided on Kavanaugh After 2-Hour Meeting

    The first Democratic senator to sit down with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh said Monday he’s not ready to say how he’ll vote, but Kavanaugh did pick up the backing of Kentucky’s Rand Paul, the only Republican in the narrowly divided Senate to have outwardly wavered in possible support. Paul said he will back Kavanaugh despite misgivings about the judge’s...

  • Donald Trump Jul 10, 2018

    A Look at Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh's Notable Opinions

    Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, has sat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit since 2006. Here are summaries of some of his notable opinions:

  • Donald Trump Jul 10, 2018

    Born Inside Beltway, Kavanaugh Part of GOP Legal Elite

    Judge Brett Kavanaugh is the embodiment of the Republican legal establishment: an Ivy Leaguer who worked for the justice he has been nominated to replace, investigated a Democratic president, served in a Republican White House and now is an influential member of what is often called the second most powerful court in the country. The 53-year-old Kavanaugh was even born...

  • Donald Trump Oct 31, 2017

    White House: Former Trump Aide Who Lied to FBI ‘Did the Wrong Thing'

    White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos did the “wrong thing” when he lied to the FBI and “that’s on him.”

  • Barack Obama Dec 24, 2014

    Judge Rejects Lawsuit Against Obama on Immigration

    A federal judge has rejected an Arizona sheriff’s lawsuit seeking to halt President Barack Obama’s plan to spare nearly 5 million people from deportation.

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